Learn how to ATTRACT your dream clients and create SHARE WORTHY products your customers will love to have the most successful holiday ever! 


Learn how to DOUBLE your Holiday Sales (and grow your business all YEAR long)

If your HOLIDAY SALES (or sales overall) have left you feeling underwhelmed, worried, or stressed out, then join us for a deep-dive sales workshop where we'll show you how to DOUBLE YOUR SALES!  

If you find yourself struggling to close sales, attract the right customers, and develop EXCITING products that will actually SELL, then we wanna invite you to join us for a WORKSHOP where you'll learn how to DOUBLE your sales and KILL IT during the holidays!


YES, Please!

Sound to good to be TRUE?

Well, what if you walked away with: A schedule, clarity, organization and a PLAN for exactly what to do to be better prepared for EVERY HOLIDAY: Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years! That would be a BARGAIN for only $39, right? We think so too!

In this 90 minute workshop YOU'LL LEARN...

  • How to PLAN for ANY holiday so you're always setting yourself up for success! 
  • Learn what a "RUNWAY" is and how it will ELEVATE your marketing efforts
  • Brainstorm ideas for creating IRRESISTIBLE products &packaging that will SELL
  • Decide on PRICING
  • Determine how much MONEY you want to make and establish a GOAL
  • PLAN out your content  schedule for the next 2-4 weeks so you stay on TRACK!
  • Learn how to avoid feeling OVERWHELMED
  • Eliminate the GUESSWORK of what to make/offer
  • Start PROMOTING your offers ASAP!
  • Get CLARITY on how to prepare for ANY HOLIDAY for the rest of the year! (Rinse & Repeat, baby!)

You get ALL of this and MORE for only $39!!!

Now YOU KNOW you'd happily drop $39 on a couple of cookie cutters without even thinking! That's why we're making this workshop a NO-BRAINER! We're giving you access to not only our HOLIDAY strategy session for Easter & Mother's Day, but you'll also get access to our fall planning session to solidify your holiday products and plans from Halloween to the New Year!

Most Bakers/Artists LOVE to create, but fall short when it comes to SELLING their products & knowing their NUMBERS!

Is this YOU??? It's time to put your CEO hat on and take control, sis!

Friend, what would it be WORTH for you to establish a clear goal, and ACHIEVE IT?
We'll teach you how to STRATEGIZE, SCHEDULE, PRIORITIZE, and understand your NUMBERS so you can not only double your sales, but continue to grow your business all year long!

If you’re ready to do some deep work, get your sales strategy right, and create a solid FOUNDATION that's going to help you grow your business YEAR AFTER YEAR, then this workshop is for YOU!👏🏽

 So for ONLY $39, you'd better snag your seat now!


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