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It’s time to build a business you LOVE with confidence! 

Learn how to TRIPLE your sales and INCREASE your profits inside my 10-week masterclass, Passion To Profit! 


Meet Janelle (& Eddie too!😆)

I'm an Artist, Educator, Entrepreneur, Founder of The Cake Mamas and co-host of the PUSH Podcast. 

After competing on TV and running a successful and well-known brick & mortar bakery in Los Angeles for nearly 12 years, I retired to Coach & Mentor Small Business Owners like you!

I’ve taken all my experience, coupled with my business expertise and corporate background, and now help CREATORS & MAKERS build businesses they love! (Not resent!)

Not just “Hobby Businesses”.. But REAL BUSINESSES that generate sustainable profit, so that they can stop working themselves to death for pennies. (You know, "starving artists".)

And along with my handsome, super-smart husband, Eddie, we not only coach & mentor Business Owners from around the globe!.. But we inspire, encourage, and PUSH people to reach their FULL POTENTIAL through our courses, content, and top-ranked podcast!  (You should DEFINITELY go check it out!)

Anyway, here are a few ways we can help!👇🏽



From FREEBIES to courses, I've got you covered!


If you're just starting out, it can seem overwhelming! Get access to a FREE step-by-step checklist to help you START NOW!


 If you’re finally READY to start paying yourself and CASHING 💰💰 in your time, energy, and labor! Then let's do this!


Get my Top 5 SAVVY SALES SECRETS now! This BUNDLE PACK includes 5 pdfs worth $145! Click to learn how to better PRICE your products, and how to SELL BETTER online, in person, via email and via social media for only $29!


Discover how to unleash your confidence, close more sales and attract your DREAM CLIENTS in our comprehensive 10-WEEK BUSINESS STRATEGY COURSE for small business owners! 


THE SOCIAL CELEBRATOR is 30-days of ALREADY-MADE-FOR-YOU social media captions, pictures, dates, holidays and hashtags to help ease the pain of deciding WHAT TO POST on social media each day!


If you're planning to host POP-UPS, or participate in Farmer's Markets, OR if your dream is to open an actual STOREFRONT, these mini-courses will teach you all the steps to get there!


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Snag all my personal daily routine for building better habits, increased focus, productivity, and better time management! 

PUSH Podcast

 Need a weekly PUSH?! This podcast is designed to help you get your sh*t together in all areas, both in Business & Life!!


Whether you're looking to start a new business, make more money, or increase your sales, we've got a workshop just for you! Check out our most popular workshops for any stage of business of you're in!


If you're an avid listener of the PUSH PODCAST and you want a deep dive into how to PUSH THROUGH some of life’s most difficult challenges in both business & life, this is a kick-ass community is for you! 


MOMENTUM is our exclusive monthly coaching + training program specifically for brick & mortar storefront owners. Each month, we dive into specific strategy sessions to help improve your LEADERSHIP, marketing and selling skills! You'll connect with business owners from around the globe who are also looking to grow and implement strategies for continued success!


""So I have been doing my affirmations, speaking and thinking positive. I have begun the transition to the bakery I see in my future. In the short time of this course I have grown and so has my business. I have money in the bank and I just booked the 2, yes 2 of the biggest cake orders I have ever booked! The profit on one of these cakes is actually more than I have charged in the past!!! I love this course and I want to jump up and down screaming right now. I just walked around my house like Rocky with my Fists in the air. Thank you Janelle and Eddie!!""

Lauren Warmke

""PTP has not only changed my business but my mindset about my life too. We just made a big sale this week. The biggest I’ve ever made. It was so awesome to know that there are people who will pay for your work.""

Mirla Jackson

"Since joining PTP i have learned SO much that I would've never received elsewhere. I've said it before and I'll say it again that PTP has not only helped with my business it has helped me with life. The changes I can see in my sales is enormous. I went from a contact here and there about and order to booked every week with a cake or dessert table. My followers on IG increased by 40. My confidence in giving a quote and being okay with it has grown immensely. I'm no longer trying to make everyone my customer. I'm sure whatever it is you are working on now is going to be awesome. You are Gold!"

Kristy Castellanos Ehoff

""This evening, I sit here wondering at how the universe works. I put out 2 ads on fb marketplace, and have gotten two sales today from it, all paid in full. I sent out menus, invoices, and all this stuff I wouldn't have had ready or known I really needed before PTP. Prices were non negotiable; and no flinching from me. Like WHAAAAATT? I may be new, but I sure have and am growing.""

Minerva Quan Martin

""I absolutely LOVE PTP! It literally came to me at the perfect moment and without hesitation, I went for it and signed up for this amazing course! You both have taught me so much! Not only am I more confident than ever, I have the ability to be a better leader and boss. Because once you know your WHY, you can convey that to anyone, even your workers! AND the confidence I have in my desserts have grown tenfold! I can't choose a favorite week, but the SOP week was the most eye opening. Thank you for sharing your tools. I will definitely use that as a guideline to creating my own SOPs for efficiency AND to help me easily train my (future) workers. I can't believe it has come to an end! I don't want this course to be over!!""

Jessica Banh

Are you interested in GROWING your business and taking it to the next level?

Of course you are!

But maybe you don't know HOW or WHERE to start...

Well Friend, if you really want to GROW your business, we gotta look at YOUR NUMBERS!

After years of coaching eager, small business owners like you, the one thing that is a consistent struggle, is PROPERLY PRICING YOUR PRODUCTS! 

I can't tell you how many artists and talented creators I've seen who HAVE NO CLUE how much they should be charging for their creations!

So, do yourself a favor now and download my FREE Pricing Guide!!!

This Guide will help you FIX your pricing so you can start making money RIGHT NOW!!!


Build a business you LOVE without the overwhelm!

Grab my proven blueprint for bakers & creatives ready to grow their businesses with confidence and triple their sales inside my 10-week masterclass, Passion To Profit! 

Learn More!

OH!... and meet my husband, Eddie!!

Hey Pusher! I'm Eddie!

Husband to an amazing WIFE, co-host of the PUSH Podcast, Leadership expert, Business Strategist, and Ying to Janelle's Yang! I'm obsessed with helping Heroes be Heroes. 


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