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Here’s why you need to start INVESTING in your growth…(and not your talents)

Aug 24, 2022

MOST business owners I work with have previously NEVER taken a business course in their life.

And that’s because they never thought they’d wind up starting something of their own, from scratch, and making that their primary source of income. 

But the MOMENT you put a price tag on your stuff, you’ve got to start INVESTING in your BUSINESS SKILLS just as much as you’re investing in your products and services.  

Why? Because becoming the BEST baker, artist, creator, or freelancer you can be isn’t going to do sh*t if you can’t SELL what you’re creating. 

And if you’re not bringing in sales, you’re not really running a business. You’re running a NON-PROFIT organization! 

Get ready for some TOUGH love, sis: It’s NO ONE else’s responsibility to invest in your skills. And if you don’t show up for yourself and do the WORK, your business, and bank account are gonna suffer!

And if THAT’S not enough to convince you to stop sleeping on your growth and start INVESTING in your business, here are 3 more reasons why you SHOULD start prioritizing NOW. 

It’s going to SAVE you tons of money in the long run.

MOST business owners who skimp on their learning are convinced that spending on a course or anything similar is a WASTE of money. So they decide to spend TWICE the amount of time scouring the internet for answers, and deciphering what advice is B.S. and which one to follow. And they tell themselves that they’d RATHER use that extra cash to cover overhead, recurring expenses, or things that are “ACTUALLY useful” like the cookie cutters that they use once a year. 

And to be honest with you sis, I call BS on that.

When you invest money in LEARNING how to run your business, you’re essentially taking an action that’s going to help you become a smarter, better, more efficient business owner in the long run.

So you might feel a pinch on Day 1 because you bought a course or a MASTERMIND using the profits you’re working hard to make. But by the END of it, you’re going to be able to double (maybe even TRIPLE) what you’re making, to begin with.

Cardi B was onto something when she said that even though she’s got a sh*t ton of money, she’s still stuck paying business managers to actually RUN her business for her because she never took a business class or invested in her own learning. And that’s why EVERYONE should take a business class at least once, no matter what they’re studying in college.


The ALTERNATIVE to not knowing how to do something is hiring someone who does. And if you haven’t done the math yet, that will cost you MORE in the long run, because you’re going to have to RELY on other people to run your business for you.

And you DON’T want to be in that position.

TIME is money, and you DON’T want to waste it.

Investing in your skills doesn’t just mean NOT having to pay other people to help you run your business. 

It also means reaching your business goals FASTER.

The more time you waste on trial and error, the slower your growth will be. 

But if you start LEARNING the ropes and picking up the RIGHT strategies and tactics, you’ll be able to IMPLEMENT them quicker and ACTUALLY see results. 

No more hours spent poring over your accounts and wondering why your products aren’t selling because you’ll be too busy CLOSING SALES, replying to DMs on social media from potential customers, and marketing like a FREAKING boss. You’ll also be able to up your efficiency and use trusted plug-and-play strategies that WORK.

THAT’S the kind of long-term vision you need to be successful in your business. And spending money on building a solid skill-set will help you get there.

It gives you the CONFIDENCE to play bigger. 

When you start putting your time, energy, and money into growing your skills and actually seeing results, you will feel proud of yourself.

But more importantly, you’re going to feel more CONFIDENT in your decisions for your business, your future, and your finances. 

That means you’ll be able to focus more on BIGGER goals, like streamlining your processes, hiring more employees, and maybe even expanding to a physical store or a second location.

And the BEST part is that your decisions will be rooted in REAL lessons that WORK because you will be applying what you study. 

It’s not just about bringing in more money, friend. It’s also about growing your MINDSET, celebrating new wins, and becoming the BADASS CEO you once dreamed of becoming.

Now, all that being said, you don’t NEED a business degree to run a business.

But what you do need is the MOTIVATION to learn the skills required to run a business. 

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