Why you NEED to Embrace Change in Business (and Your Life!) Signup

Why you NEED to Embrace Change in Business (and Your Life!)

Apr 02, 2024

Change is a constant and unpredictable force that shapes our lives in ways we can't control. As much as we wish we could! Recently, I've had to confront this reality head-on (keep reading to hear all about it)! This transition, while exciting and exhausting, has me reflecting on change and its impact on our personal lives and as small business owners.

Just a couple of weeks ago, my husband Eddie got a phone call that changed our ENTIRE lives! He put his name in the hat for an amazing new position at his company and… he GOT IT!! So we accepted and now this month we are packing up our entire lives in California and making the move across the country. While we’re SO EXCITED about this new chapter in our lives I wouldn’t be 100% honest if I didn’t say, I’m full of anticipation to just get everything done all at once and just get there. BUT… that’s not how life works.

Change often triggers a mix of emotions and anxiety. And change impacts me no differently than it would for you. As I prepare for this move, I am navigating through ALLLLLL the feels. There is sadness, anxiety, and an overwhelming sense of anticipation and excitement about the new opportunities that are ahead of us. Like… what is our daily life going to look like now????? So many scenarios are spiraling through my mind but I wouldn’t change it. Here’s why…

Embracing change in our personal lives opens doors to new experiences, learnings, and growth. This move is a HUGE turning point in our lives. It’s an entirely new place that we’ve never been, so many new people we can’t wait to meet, and new challenges to overcome – these are the elements that foster growth.

While you may feel comfortable, successful, content, and happy in your lives and in your business- sometimes change is necessary. Change can shake up the status quo, bring about new ideas, and push your business out of its comfort zone. It can lead to new strategies, new products or services, and new ways of operating that could drive your business forward. Embracing change can make your business more adaptable, resilient, and prepared for whatever comes next. And yet, change is the one thing we often avoid AT ALL COSTS.

I’m not writing this blog to share about my move and what it means for me BUT to share with you that change is not just a personal journey but a significant part of the evolution of running a business. It's a leap of faith that could lead to that next level you’ve been hoping, searching, and praying for. And to be honest… it’s necessary! So, if you’re reading this as a small business owner just know that to be successful in business you have to be OKAY with change! You have to be able to adapt. You have to be able to pivot. Otherwise, you’re gonna sit in uncertainty, on the sidelines, and watch others continue to excel and reach new heights. Friend, I don’t want that for you! 👏🏼 And you shouldn’t want that for you either!

I know change can be daunting. Just remember that it is also a catalyst for growth and development in every area of your life. So often, whenever we experience HUGE CHANGE, BIG THINGS are on the horizon for us. Haven’t you ever noticed that whenever you “manifest” something, it feels like your entire life hits the fan?? Well, it’s the universe answering your desires. You can’t get to level 10 if you aren’t willing to experience the struggles and learnings on level 6-9. Make sense?? So, as I prepare to write this next chapter of my life, I am filled with optimism about the future. I encourage you too, friend, to embrace change, allow it to fuel you, and think of it as the start of your next chapter.

Sending love and encouragement always!


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