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Unlocking Social Media Success: What to Say When You Don’t know WHAT TO SAY!

Mar 26, 2024

Are you feeling lost in the world of social media content creation? 📱 It's a common struggle, but there's a simple solution friend: clarity.

Do you feel like this??? 🤔

➡️ You’re always looking at other people’s content for ideas instead of them looking at yours!

➡️ You’re lost on what content to do and how to structure it so it actually performs (views, shares, comments, opt-ins, leads, sales).

➡️ You’re not sure what content you should be producing so you’re not producing ANY!

➡️ You don’t even know if your videos are working!

➡️ You’re wasting time with content that doesn’t produce many views, shares, or comments! ➡️ Your content is randomly all over the place

➡️ It’s taking too much of your time and not producing the revenue you want

Here's the deal: if you're not seeing results from your videos and posts, it might be because you haven't defined your goals. By identifying your impact and the revenue you WANNA make, every piece of content becomes a step towards achieving them.

Without clear goals, your content might feel scattered and ineffective. But when you know what you're aiming for, each video becomes a strategic move forward.

So, before posting on social just for the sake of posting, take a moment to jot down your goals. 🎯 Do you want to build your email list, drive website traffic, or boost sales? Get specific about what success looks like for you. Consider the type of content that will help you achieve these goals. Will how-to videos attract your target audience, or are behind-the-scenes posts more effective? Once you have your goals and content strategy in place, it becomes much easier to create impactful and engaging social media posts. Therefore, increasing engagement, gaining more followers, and hopefully turning those followers into LOYAL, PAYING customers!

And remember, you're not alone in this journey! Social media is changing EVERY DAY! Why do you think people hire other people to handle their social media accounts? It’s hard to navigate and it’s constantly changing. So give yourself some grace while you figure this out. But the only way to start figuring it out is to take INTENTIONAL action.

Ready to make your social media efforts count? Let's get clear on our goals and start seeing real results.

Keep focused friend!


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