How to use CREDIT to travel for FREE!
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How to go on your next trip for FREE!

Jun 07, 2022

How I use AmEx to travel for free!

Day-dreaming about your next vacation? I know I am. 

But traveling in THIS economy can feel overwhelming. 

There’s the flight, hotel, shopping, excursions, the food…adding up all the things can be pretty costly.

But what if you could get your hotel and flight for FREE? No gimmicks, no catch. All you’d have to pay for is food, excursions, or whatever shopping you might wanna do. 

If this is something that sounds exciting to you, keep reading…

Sis, I’m about to introduce you to the MAGICAL WORLD OF CREDIT CARD POINTS.

Imagine $0 for a roundtrip first-class ticket to Hawaii! 

Or business class flight to Dubai!

Or a roundtrip ticket AND a hotel in Miami! 

Sounds amazing right? And guess what, it’s completely possible for YOU! As long as you know how to play the game of money! 

Utilizing credit, I was able to pay for my entire family of 6 to travel to Greece ROUND TRIP for FREE! And I wanna share how I did with you! 

Credit card points are basically FREE MONEY, and if you know what you’re doing, how to use them, and how to get MORE of them, you can get some SERIOUS perks- like traveling for FREE!

So let’s dive in:


Okay the FIRST thing you need to do is pick a credit card with a lower interest rate but has a great REWARDS program. 

Now y’all, Eddie and I have built our credit back up to near perfect since filing bankruptcy in 2009 so disclaimer- if you’re in debt right now, don’t use this method. This method is for people who have no “bad” debt, and are strictly managing their finances, paying their bills on time, and are paying off their credit cards in FULL every month. If you’re in debt right now and are paying off your credit cards, this will only set you back. So hold off on this method for now but keep this in mind once you PAY off all your debt. 

Now back to credit cards- I LOVE AmEx! They have reasonable interest rates (dependent on your credit score), HIGH REWARDS, but you’ve gotta pick the right card for you. Some people may not wanna pay the annual fees-and with AMEX they could get pricey depending on the card. Some people shop more at grocery stores and restaurants, while others are using their credit for travel. Knowing what your goals are with the card you’re choosing while looking at the reward percentage will help you determine which one is right for you! 

A few things to think about:

Do you typically fly certain airlines?

United, Delta and Jetblue all have their own credit cards. 

What’s your credit score like?

Premium cards have better rewards, but they require higher credit scores

What card has the best sign up bonus?

Most cards will give you a sign up bonus, this can vary from 20,000 points to 100,000 points. 

What is their point/mile to dollar conversion rate?

For example, if you get an Avion card, the conversion is 100 points = $1. 

So if you get a 100,000 sign up bonus, that’s a $1,000 in points.  

What are their reward rates?

If you’re looking at travel cards, you can get 2X-10X miles on hotels, flights and rentals, and 1X-2X on other purchases. 

For example, check out the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card

You get: 

  • UNLIMITED 10X miles on hotels and rental cars booked through Capital One Travel
  • 5X miles on flights booked through Capital One Travel
  • UNLIMITED 2X miles on all other purchases
  • AND 75,000 miles + 10,000 extra miles EVERY YEAR

 REMEMBER, if you’re looking for POINTS & MILES for travel, STAY AWAY from cashback cards. 


OKAY you have your card, now what? 

This may sound a little scary but you have to start putting ALL of your expenses on your credit card. 

That means ALLLL you necessity bills. I’m talking about your phone bill, your car, ALL your Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, AppleTV, Prime, and Audible subscriptions.

Start using your card to pay for gas, groceries, to pay contractors, your Starbucks and ANY big purchases that are coming up.  

👏 ALL 👏OF 👏 IT 👏

In some states, you can even PAY YOUR RENT with a credit card. If you do that, DO IT. 

But remember: DON’T BUY SH*T YOU DON’T NEED. That’s when you’ll end up OVERSPENDING and IN DEBT! And friend, we’re trying to keep you OUT of DEBT. 

Use your credit card to buy things you were ALREADY PLANNING ON BUYING. Things are already included in your budget. . NO amount of points is worth RUINING your credit score. 

And MAKE SURE that you pay off your credit card every month. This is KEY to earning the MAX amount of points. 


Most credit card companies will have a portal you can access to cash in your points. 

REMEMBER, some credit cards and airlines have BLACK-OUT flight days, that means you can’t book a flight on points during that period. 

ALWAYS be sure you READ the terms and conditions and BOOK EARLY. 

If you have a Frequent Flyer number, ADD that to your booking, some airlines will let you earn Frequent Flyer miles EVEN on reward flights. 


If you live in the US, these are of the BEST travel cards you can get: 


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