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The secret ingredient to making MORE MONEY in your small business!

Dec 26, 2023

Do you often STRESS about money in your small business? Do you feel like you're working hard, you’re making amazing products, but something is missing. If this is you keep on reading because your products may not be as great as you think they are. Creating better products can be ONE of the secret ingredients to making more money in your small business. Obviously, there are a TON of other reasons why you may not be making as much money as you hoped but in this blog we'll explore how to make products that not only work for you but also your dream clients. With a little research, creativity, and UNQIUENESS you can offer products that speak to your ideal client, address their need, and make more money! So, let's dive in!

First thing first is YOU need to understand your ideal client! So what the hell is an ideal client? Well, an ideal client is the client you want you company to serve. Who are they? What are their needs and wants? What are their pain points? What are their interests. What are their income levels? What demographic are they? Understanding your ideal client will help you create products that speak directly to them and make them feel like you're offering a solution to their problem that fits their NEEDS and WANTS. Once you have a clear understanding of your ideal client, you'll be able to craft products that truly resonate with them and market them in a way that speaks directly to their needs, wants, and problems.

Speaking of problems, when creating products, think about what problem does this product solve. Most small business owners make the mistake of creating products just because their trendy, THEY like them (so everyone else must like them too, am I right?), or because they need to put something out to start making some money. DON’T DO THIS! People are more likely to buy a product that solves a problem they are facing, that resonates with them, or something that makes them feel a part of something bigger. For example, if your ideal client is a busy mom, think about what would make her life easier. Maybe a meal planning and grocery list printable would be the perfect product to offer. Or, maybe she struggles with keeping her kids entertained while she works from home. In that case, a printable pack of coloring pages or educational activities for kids would be a great product. Make sure your products address a need or a pain point. And if you product doesn’t do this directly, it should be explained throughout your marketing.

This one may seem like a NO-BRAINER, but it often needs to be reiterated… Your products should offer value to your clients. This doesn't mean they have to be expensive or time-consuming to create. But it does mean that they should be something your clients find useful or valuable. This is where understanding your ideal client, their buying patterns, and interests will be super important. Think about what your clients are willing to pay for and what they consider valuable. Maybe it's a digital product that saves them time, or a physical product that solves a problem they've been struggling with. Sometimes it can be a product that they didn’t even KNOW they needed. That’s when you know you’ve got your ideal client down to a tee. Whatever it is, make sure your products offer value to your clients and make sense for them. Don’t just create a bento cake because they’re trending. There has to be reason and INTENTION behind the products you create.

Simply put, don’t just follow the crowd. Just because a trend is popular doesn't mean it's right for your business. It's important to stay true to your brand and what speaks to your ideal client. Don't create products just because they're trendy or because all your competitors are doing it. Instead, create products that speak to your ideal client and fit within your brand identity. This will help you stand out from the crowd and create products that truly resonate with your clients. And remember, not everyone will like what it is you do or create and that’s okay!

Lastly, keep it simple! One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is overcomplicating their products. When creating new products, keep it simple. Don't overthink it or try to do too much. Focus on creating a product that addresses a need or a pain point for your ideal client and offers value. Once you have a simple product that works, you can always add more to it or different options later on down the line. You don’t need to have everything figure out at the jump, but you should create a fully thought out product to get an accurate idea of what your customers love about it and where you can improve in the future.

Creating better products is the secret ingredient to making more money in your small business. By understanding your ideal client, solving a problem, offering value, staying true to your brand, and keeping it simple, you can create products that not only work for you but also your clients. Remember to focus on solving a problem and offering value, rather than following trends or overcomplicating your products. With a little research and creativity, you can create products that your clients will love, and that will help grow your small business.

Xo, Janelle


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