BEST Summer Reads For Female Entrepreneurs
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Janelle’s Summer Reading List

Jul 20, 2022

Summer’s OFFICIALLY here, and with the long days and the kids home from school it’s REEDUCATION time in the Copeland household.

When I first got started in entrepreneurship, Eddie and I did a SH*T TON of reading to ensure we were on the right track with how we were running our business. We also read some amazing, INSPIRING books that have had long-lasting impacts on our MINDSET, work ethic, and life. What we’ve found is sometimes, you just need to hear some REAL stories and tips from crazy smart people to get off your a** and make BIG changes in your life and business. 

So this week, I’m sharing my summer reading list with you so you can experience the mind-blowing literary goodness too! 

The 5 Second Rule by Mel Robbins


If you know me, you already know I’m BIG on PUSHING YOURSELF to get sh*t done. And that’s why I’m OBSESSED with this book. It talks about the importance of taking charge of your life. It touches on motivation and the importance of creating POSITIVE HABITS, and how just five seconds can change your entire outlook. This book will teach you how to break away from doubt, negative thoughts and the procrastination holding you back from stepping into your true potential. Also, how to be BRAVE about your ideas, and fast-track your productivity. This book will give you a WHOLE new way of looking at the world, ESPECIALLY if you’re struggling with burnout or anxiety and how to show up powerfully in your business.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek


Start With Why is a freaking masterclass on exploring your WHY, purpose and how powerful people like Martin Luther King Jr. and Steve Jobs made their mark by sharing their UNIQUE selves through communication and implementation. This book is my number #1 recommendation for you if you’re in the starting stages of business. It’s a dives deep into understanding and articulating your REASONS and motivations for doing the work that you’re doing. 

BONUS: This book explains an idea called The Golden Circle, a framework for building organizations (big or small) and differentiating your brand’s value propositions from the rest of the noise in whatever industry you’re in.  

Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon


I’d recommend Steal Like an Artist to ANYONE feeling uninspired, lost or just stuck when it comes to all things content and marketing. In less than 200 pages and through 10 quick personal manifestos, Austin Kleon walks you through connecting with your creative side (no matter who you are or what you do) in TODAY’S digital world. This one is super quick, comes with some fun illustrations, and has some actionable mini EXERCISES that’ll get the creative juices flowing. It’s like a picture book for adults! 

The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy


If you wanna cut out all the BULLSH*T  and take some real actionable steps towards building a successful life and business, this is the book for you. 

The Compound Effect walks you through a simple plug-and-play system that will teach you how to use the POWER of multiplying your effort and achieve ANYTHING you want to go after. Whether it’s setting up a business from scratch or achieving stability and success in your relationships. 

I found the concepts discussed in this book incredibly ACTIONABLE because they’re all about taking charge of the small decisions you make every single day so you can BUILD a life you love. (And it’s written by the former publisher of The Success Magazine, so you can be sure that this guy KNOWS what he’s talking about.)

You Are A Badass by Jen Sincero

And we’re down to my FAVORITE book on this list!

You Are A Badass is all about telling the self-sabotaging voice in your head to jump off a cliff and going after what you REALLY want. You’ll learn how to understand your current beliefs and then trash them to make space for a mindset that promotes GROWTH and some serious self-confidence. This book will push you to take risks, make your dream life happen, and go after that $$$ without selling yourself short. And what makes it 100x better is that it’s effing hilarious!

If you’re ready to DO THE DEEP WORK this summer, these books will help you kickstart that journey. And if you get around to reading any of them, tag me on Instagram (@thecakemamas or @janellecopeland) and let me know!

-PS. Not a fan of reading? Check out all these books on audible! 


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