TO THE MOMS WHO HATE MOTHER’S DAY | Blog | Janelle Copeland

May 03, 2022

I feel you... and I wanna let you know that you’re NOT ALONE!

In fact, most mother’s I’ve spoke to before I decided to write this blog told me that they don’t really like Mother’s Day; and this week on the PUSH Podcast, (you can listen HERE) I’m sharing WHY Mother’s Day SUCKS but since you’re here, this is 5 REASONS WHY Mom’s may hate Mother’s Day:

  1. Most of the time, it ends up feeling like just another day. There’s no intentional planning, and it feels like us Mom’s have to PLAN a day to be celebrated by others. And friend, I don't know about you, but that’s not how I FEEL Mother’s Day should be.

I want to be CELEBRATED in the same way that I celebrate everyone else.

And the hard truth is... it’s often US Mom’s who take the initiative to plan everything.

If you’re a mom who feels a little disappointed or feels like it’s MORE work than relaxation on Mother’s Day then please share this with your significant other and your kids to give them a little wake up call. PSA... Dad’s, please take an INITIATIVE TO HELP in the planning of Mother’s Day!

  1. Some significant others don’t celebrate their wives, because they’re focused on celebrating their own MOMS. And friend this goes for both, men and women. Anyone who is walking on this planet has a MOM. So there is pressure to make Mother’s Day special, even if it’s not necessarily for you but for your own mom.

Now I’m not making it an excuse but it’s TOUGH to PLAN out a Mother’s Day for your mom, your wife, your sister, or even your baby mamma. This is why being PLAN-FUL is so important. This is also why, most of the time your Mother’s Day may feel lack-luster because your significant other, doesn’t know how to BALANCE time between all the Mother’s or Mother figures in their lives.

This could also be tough for your kids. As a step-mother, I’m a mother to my three daughters 364 days out of the year, and yet it felt for awhile early on in my marriage that I wasn’t their mom on Mother’s Day. This broke my heart...

I raised those kids since their were toddlers and for awhile I resented Mother’s Day because it felt like I did all the work and I didn’t get the love or the recognition I deserved on the one day that is meant to celebrate Mother’s. But... after a few years of sitting on the sidelines, pissed off about not getting recognition, I made my feelings to known to my husband and now it’s non-negotiable for our family to spend at least part of the day together.

  1. Sometimes Mother’s Day can feel forced.

As a mom, sometimes you just wanna yell at your kids and significant other because they get you something you don’t want and then blame you for not appreciating their efforts. While gifts are a bonus on Mother’s Day, that’s not the POINT. The point is, we want to be appreciated. We want to be seen. And we want to be known and loved. Don’t just buy me flowers because that’s the “traditional” thing to do, buy them because you know what my favorite flowers are and I love what they symbolize. It comes down to knowing your loved on and making an EFFORT to surprise them and shower them with love and appreciation.

Don’t just buy us random ass things we don’t want. Put some thought, love, and intention behind what you’re buying.

  1. It can feel lonely...

As much as some people complain about Mother’s Day, some people just don’t like celebrating it because of past trauma or even terrible relationships with their own Mother’s. It can feel sad, resentful, and lonely. Some people may be grieving and some people might just hate their moms. So be respectful of the individuals who don’t feel like celebrating Mother’s Day.


Ladies, share this with your MAN and KIDS!!! MEN, (and children) LISTEN UP.... all we want for Mother’s Day is to not plan SH*T! All we want is a block of time to ourselves to do whatever it is the hell we want. If we wanna go shopping, let us shop. If we wanna go to the spa and have a massage, give us that. If we wanna go for a hike and get a smoothie, let us! The point I’m trying to make is, the easiest way to make Mother’s Day memorable is by giving us Mom’s the gift of TIME to do whatever it is we wanna do.

There it is friend. 5 REASONS why Mother’s Day SUCKS and 5 reasons to send to your loved ones so they can make you feel special this Mother’s Day! Listen, it’s okay if you HATE Mother’s Day. It is just another day after all but I do think you should feel appreciated, loved, and valued no matter how you feel about Mother’s Day!

So from me to you, Happy Mother’s Day and please give yourself a DAMN BREAK!

Xo, Janelle


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