Need Money to GROW your biz? What they don’t tell you about FUNDING…
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What they don’t tell you about finding FUNDING…

Jul 01, 2022

Friend, money is a SENSITIVE topic. Especially when it comes to starting a business.

And that’s because EVERYONE’S situation is different.   

So many people who want to start their dream biz feel like they’re FALLING SHORT because they’re a victim of their financial circumstances. Because they don’t have money, they can’t move forward. Because they filed bankruptcy, there’s no way they can run a business. Because they’re in DEBT, they can’t start. 

And BELIEVE ME when I say, I get it. 

I had just filed BANKRUPTCY before building what became a 7-figure business and the reason I’m able to mentor business owners like you today. 

But if there’s ONE thing we believe in the Copeland family, it’s that you’ve got to take things as they are, and PUSH forward despite the circumstances against you. Friend, you are NOT your circumstances, you are what you make of them. READ THAT AGAIN! 

This might be difficult to hear, but more often than not, what gets in the way of your own success is YOU. And the only way to make it through (on top of knowing how to run a business) is having unwavering faith, and TRUSTING that YOU’LL make it happen no matter what gets thrown your way. 

And that stands true for funding your business too. Why? Because no matter where you’re starting out (or what you’re telling yourself  you CAN’T do), there IS a way to get STARTED.  


Now, this is just one of the MANY things we discuss in our Funding Your Dreams: How To Raise Money To Fund Your Business workshop. And if you’re already feeling pumped and ready to grab all the ABUNDANCE out there waiting for you, here are some things we discuss in this 2-hour workshop that no one else is going to tell you. 


You’ve got to make sacrifices BEYOND the $$$

Sure, funding your dream needs MONEY (duh).

But real talk, it’s going to COST you a lot more than cash. 

If you’re dead serious about turning this passion into a legit business, leaving your 9-5, and elevating your business to the NEXT LEVEL, you’ll need to invest in some other aspects too. That could mean waking up one hour earlier in the morning and devoting it to your marketing strategy, saying goodbye to that vacation you’ve been looking forward to because you’re working towards a saving-goal, or maybe even giving up a couple of Sundays a month because you’re in GRIND SEASON.

Most importantly, you’re gonna have to have a REAL conversation with yourself about what you’re willing to give up and what you need to PRIORITIZE, so that you know exactly what (and how much) you’re gonna be sacrificing and whether or not you’re ready for that. 

No one’s going to take you seriously until YOU do

Quick question: If I were to give you $50K to invest in your business RIGHT NOW, would you know what the hell you want to do with it?

(Really tho, think about it.)

When it comes to looking at your financing options, you have to be clear about what your needs are, and how you want to allocate the money you get. That means knowing EXACTLY how much you need to spend on marketing, what your cost-breakdown is down to the penny, how much that new refrigerator is gonna cost you, how much extending the lease for your brick-and-mortar is going to cost you, and how much you’re paying yourself. 

Because when you approach the bank for a loan, they’re going to need MORE than a proven concept and proof of sales. Banks like PLANS. They wanna see how well you know your numbers, how focused you are on this business, and that you have a SYSTEM in place to put your money to work.

But that’s only going to happen if you take your business plan seriously from DAY 1, and have answers ready for any questions they throw at you. And they’ll have a SH*T TON! 

You empower yourself through ACTION

…And that means equipping yourself with the KNOWLEDGE and groundwork needed to kickstart your business.

REAL TALK: I wasn’t always good with money. I had to read all the books and take the right courses just to get a basic understanding of what I could do to fix my BROKEN CREDIT, take care of my home, and fund my baking business all at the same time. 

But if I hadn’t done any of it, I wouldn’t be in the position I’m in today, being able to mentor thousands of business owners from around the world, surrounded by abundance, capable of showing you how to hit the ground running with your OWN businesses. And it’s only because I DID THE work that was REQUIRED that I’m in this position.  

That being said, I know it’s overwhelming when you have the DRIVE but you’ve got no clue where to start. 

But that’s where I can help!

In our Funding Your Dreams workshop, Eddie and I go deeper into all things funding, including what your options are when you don’t have the money but still want your business to take off (and trust me, there are MANY). Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll learn inside: 

  • The importance of creating a business plan with a PROVEN concept
  • The PERKS of utilizing a business bank account
  • Getting serious about your SAVINGS
  • Why you NEED to build corporate credit (and how to get it)
  • LEVERAGING credit 
  • REINVESTING money into your business
  • RESEARCHING loans and grants
  • Different methods to FUND your business 

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