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May 17, 2022

And it’s not exactly what you think… 

I’ve heard about a THOUSAND versions of the same story. 

People tell all the time about how they need to have the “PERFECT” product in order to get more customers and increase their sales. They work EXTRA HARD to make sure that everything they put out into the universe is PERFECT.  They’ve got all the TALENT in the world, and they spare no expense when it comes to the latest and greatest tools and classes. 


BUT…. (and by this point I’m already rolling my eyes because I know exactly what’s coming) they complain that they’re just not MAKING ANY MONEY.

And then, I say, “Yeah, no sh*t.”

Because, WHERE ARE YOUR NUMBERS, SIS? Where are the RECEIPTS? Where is the DATA? What are your FIGURES? 

Let’s be real for a sec: In our industry, it’s all rainbows and sunshine as long as we’re talking about CRAFT and the newest cake trends. Trust me, I get it. To us, BAKING CAKE IS LIKE EATING CAKE. It’s fun, it’s stress-free, and we’re freaking good at it (I mean, who doesn’t love cake). The better we get, the more we think, our products will speak for themselves. 

But what’s the point of baking the best, most BEAUTIFUL cake of your life if you don’t have any idea how to HELL to SELL it? 

Hate to break it to ya friend, but if you wanna  BE PROFITABLE in your business (and SUCCEED),  you’ve gotta add a big portion of VEGETABLES to your diet. 

And by vegetables I mean the tough/ businessy stuff you didn’t sign up for: focusing on SALES, knowing your NUMBERS, creating a brand that ATTRACTS high-paying customers, and having PROCESSES & SYSTEMS.

And because I wanna make sure you don’t eat your “veggies” and spit them out, let’s talk more about WHY it’s so important.


  • It shows you what ISN’T working

You NEED to look at the behind-the-scenes of your business to understand what’s working and what’s not. To do that, you need to keep track of what's SELLING, what’s NOT, and how you’re communicating with your current and potential customers. 

You can only fix something that’s broken when you know it’s broken. And THAT’S something you’ll know when you don’t see the BIG $$$ in your bank account. You gotta get REAL about your numbers sis! 


  • It’ll show you how to BOOST YOUR SALES

There’s a reason 15% CEOs kickstarted their journey in sales. It’s because SALES IS A SUPERPOWER. And it’s not for everyone… 

At the end of the day, SELLING what you offer is what’s gonna help you bring in the BIG BUCKS $$$.

Here’s the thing, friend: if talking about and showcasing your  business is something that weighs you down, you need to STOP RIGHT THERE, and understand what makes a business successful. Sure, you have to have an amazing product, but you need to be able to SELL people on WHY they need your products (aka. Your value PROPOSITIONS). Looks will only go so far sis. 

Focusing on your numbers will show you 1) if you’re even making a PROFIT 2) how much you may be UNDERCHARGING and 3) how much work you need to put into your marketing, visibility, and start thinking about what MORE you could be doing to REACH more customers. 

This means monitoring your social media ANALYTICS, seeing how responsive your ADS are, thinking about customer retention, and using other vehicles (like referrals, word of mouth promotions, pop-ups, farmers markets) to SPREAD THE WORD! 



  • Repeat after me: SYSTEMS (and proper pricing) BUILD PROFIT

Having PROCESSES & SYSTEMS gives you the freedom to WORK on your business instead of in it. Which is something most beginning business owners fail at. They’re so overwhelmed doing all the things in their business that they haven’t taken the time to create processes and systems that would allow them to hire help and focus more on growing the business. By making a comprehensive, well-thought out BUDGET, contingency plan, and a smarter system (and more financially-savvy) when buying equipment and inventory, you’ll be in a MUCH better place when it comes to your revenue.

How? You’re creating smart SYSTEMS that will not just keep you afloat in the face of an emergency, but also help you soar!  

Your ingredients? All pre-planned and paid for. Your inessential expenses? Boom - gone! Your pricing? Absolutely ON POINT, while ensuring that you’ve got a nice, thick profit margin and some room for MORE! 

Systemizing things just makes running your business SMOOTHER, more organized, and gives you something to fall back on in an emergency (and if COVID taught us anything, this is it) . And THAT is a profit-booster like no other, because it’ll also minimize costs. 

Now, it’s not always that easy to learn to love your numbers as much as you love the art. But it is a NECESSITY if you wanna have a PROFITABLE and SUSTAINABLE business. 

I know it can seem like an impossible mountain to climb.

But sis, but on that CEO hat, because this is what is REQUIRED of you as a BOSS. 

If you’re ready to put on your CEO hat and dive into YOUR business’ numbers, my Bake Your Way to 6 Figures workshop is where you need to be to get started. It’s 2  power-packed hours FULL of strategies and tips from 12+ years of my experience building, sustaining, and SCALING my brick and mortar bakery into a MILLION DOLLAR BUSINESS. 

We’re going to be diving into the DEEP END of pricing, increasing customer frequency, and get into the nitty-gritty of all the numbers that you should know about your business, so don’t forget to save your spot! ->



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