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BLOG POST #1: There is a COST associated with everything good in life.

Mar 19, 2018

I don’t even know if this makes sense… But this is the message I woke up with on my heart for you guys… ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

There is a COST associated with everything good in life.  😳

Whether you realize it or not, EVERYTHING you’ve ever wanted came with a PRICE TAG.  😳

Sometimes things cost you HARD WORK.

Sometimes things cost you PAIN / GREIF.

Sometimes things cost you MONEY.

Sometimes things cost you PERSISTENCE.

Sometimes it was a LESSON, or even loss, or EMBARRASSMENT.

So... ask yourself this?

What’s the PRICE you’re willing to pay for DRASTIC CHANGE and TRANSFORMATION in your life??? 

Are you willing to get up a little earlier?
Sleep a little less?
Pay more attention to IMPORTANT THINGS? 
Give up your distractions? 
Take control of your thoughts? 
RISE ABOVE your emotions? 
Control your FEELINGS? (“I don’t FEEL like working out, eating healthy, getting organized, managing my finances better, etc.) 
Create new habits?
TO EVEN SHOW UP on time, ready to work, ready to learn, ready to make yourself proud??? 

Or is the COST OF SUCCESS too much to even consider?? 😳 😥

Whats the PRICE you’re willing to PAY FOR SUCCESS???  ❓ ❓ ❓

Because if you’re sitting around, WAITING patiently, praying loudly 🙏🏽 from the inside of your comfort zone 📦, HOPING that it just comes easily....MAGICALLY! Then you’ll NEVER make it to the top 5%.



STAY THE SAME because it’s free to be mediocre...?


JUSTIFY THE INVESTMENT and pay the damn price!  💪🏽

And here’s the silver lining!...

You have the freaken CHOICE to fight for something that is available to every human being on this planet!

But it’s NOT EASY or everyone would be successful, and there would be not TOP 5%!

What’s your choice? 
What’s the COST you will associate and PAY for GROWTH??? For success? These are my #MondayThoughts! 
😘 😘 😘


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