Are you focusing on daily annoyances or focused on you GOALS? Signup

BLOG POST #5: Are you focusing on daily annoyances or focused on you GOALS?

Jun 29, 2018

Thursday Thoughts... 💭

Where do you spend your energy?... 
Are you focusing on daily annoyances or focused on you GOALS?

Life is what you make it! You can not always control your circumstance, BUT you can control how you deal with things.

I have noticed a lot of joking and complaining about clients with Pinterest dreams, but Walmart budgets. YES this sucks and I get how this can be annoying💁🏼‍♀️...

But why waste so much time on them???...Dwelling on the negative, and perpetuating your frustrations??? Where exactly does that get you??? How exactly does that fix your situation???

When a customer declines to do business with you, or declines your prices or offerings, they are simply choosing to not be your client. And that’s that.💁🏼‍♀️

Nike doesn’t complain about al the customers who prefer to shop at Adidas.. Instead, they move on and focus on attracting the clients they need to stay in business.

One key tip I can share with you that may help is: You should ALWAYS assume positive intent... Its likely they have no idea what it takes to produce what they are asking for. After all, if they DID know what all goes into making a 4 tier, hand sculpted masterpiece of a cake, they would probably make their own cake, don’t ya think???

Today I challenge you to switch your focus. Instead of wasting your energy on THEM, I want you to use that energy and apply it towards something more positive. Start with HOW YOU can improve. Specifically, HOW YOU CAN IMPROVE YOUR SELLING SKILLS.

Answer the following questions:

What attracted them to your business?

How are you communicating with your audience?

How are you actively educating your customers about your products?

What can YOU do to deter those types of clients from contacting your business?

Let's discuss below! I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.

*And, I will hop on a LIVE for an impromptu Q&A at 9am! Who wants to join me!?

❤️, Janelle


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