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BLOG POST #9: Where are YOU focusing your energy?

May 17, 2018

Thursday Thoughts 💭💭

How are YOU asking questions? Where are YOU focusing your energy?

In the same vain of last week's Thursday Thoughts, where we discussed why it’s UNPRODUCTIVE to complain about clients who simply can not afford you... I want to challenge you to reflect on what you complain about. (Both, in LIFE and in BUSINESS).

When you make a 'vent' or 'rant' post in this group (which P.S. is NOT at all what this group is for), where does that get you??

When you complain in your everyday life, where does that get you???

What you focus on is what you will attract. If you are constantly complaining about your customers and the struggles of owning a business, how does that reflect on you?

What that tells me is that YOU HAVE NOOOOO IDEA what hard work it is to be a business owner! You have NOOOO IDEA the amount of roadblocks and difficulties you’ll be faced with as a business owner! But it also tells me that it’s likely you won’t even make it to experience those roadblocks IF YOU CANT GET PAST THE LITTLE THINGS QUICKLY. 💁🏼‍♀️

This IS a group where you can be vulnerable and ask the community for help, but lets ask higher level questions please...

For example out of these two questions which do you think will yield a PRODUCTIVE conversation?

A: “Ugh, let me just vent for a minute! I hate customers who take AGES to make up their mind on a cake.🙄 Like, I have better things to do with my time than wait on you... Who’s with me??? How the heck do you deal with customers who send you a million pictures, ask for a million different quotes, only to text you saying they can’t afford you! Or, “THANKS!” and then you never hear from them!?😡


B: “I am struggling finding a way to stream line the order process. I find it difficult when customers are texting me with a bunch of ideas, when I am unsure if they will even end up booking. How do you effectively communicate with each request you get?”

YES business is hard. YES some customers can be a pain. BUT this is your JOB... THIS is what you signed up for!!! 
And lets remember that this is a really AMAZING job! People get to CHOOSE YOU to celebrate some of life’s most amazing memories with them!!!

I want you all to take a hard look at what kind of energy you are putting into the world.

And then ask yourself if it serves this community I’ve worked really hard to build...

If people will LEAVE THIS GROUP because of YOU, you likely shouldn’t be here.


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