The mistakes MOST bakers make during the holidays! Signup

The mistakes MOST bakers make during the holidays!

Feb 15, 2023

Don’t let this be you, friend… 

But before we dive in, quick question –

How were your Valentine’s Day sales?

Was it record-breaking? Disappointing? Did you hit ALL your revenue goals, or did you fall short?

And most importantly, how are YOU feeling now that it’s all FINALLY over? (phew!) 

Hopefully, you’re feeling HAPPY, RELIVED, and PROUD! Cause you SURVIVED and we’re only going up for here! 

But the truth is there’s a reason why I’m asking you these questions…

It’s because if you wanna GROW your business, there’s one step you CAN’T miss after any HUGE SALE or event –

A DEBRIEF session.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make or how tired or bummed out you’re feeling. (Emotions don’t BELONG in business! )You NEED to sit down with a pen and paper, look at the DATA, pull out the receipts and analyze ALL the different AREAS of your business. I’m talking about your marketing strategy, your planning technique, the products you created, and the money you made! This is gonna be CRUCIAL to planning and preparing for the NEXT holiday or anytime you launch a new product. You have to re-evaluate your goals, think about what worked and what didn’t, and identify areas of improvement so you can LEARN and make adjustments for the future. 

In this blog post, I’m gonna share 3 things you need to consider during your Valentine’s Day debrief  (or ANY HOLIDAY) to prepare your business for big SUCCESS in the future. Let’s dive in!


Start by reviewing your Valentine’s Day marketing strategy. Pull out the data and look at factors like reach, engagement, and conversion rates to see how your content performed. Read the data closely and identify key trends to understand how you can optimize your marketing strategy to do even better next time. 

Some important aspects to consider:

  1. Promotion schedule: When did you START promoting your V-Day sale? Look at how often you posted, what kind of content performed well, and which promotions got maximum engagement. 
  2. Marketing channels: Which marketing channels did you use to promote your Valentine’s Day sales? Evaluate which channels drove the most traffic and sales to your business.
  3. Compare to previous years: Compare this year’s performance to previous years and look for major trends to understand how much you’ve grown and where you need to go from here. 

#2 Evaluate your PRODUCTS

Which of your PRODUCTS were your customers RAVING about? Which one’s sold the most and which ones were a letdown? Think about how your products performed to get an insight into what your customers really NEED and want. This will help you devote more time and energy to hitting that sweet spot (pun intended!) during your next sale!

Some key aspects to consider:

  1. Customer feedback: See what your customers had to say about your products. If you don’t have a LOT of feedback, send your customers a short and sweet note requesting a review. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask for feedback – it shows your customers you genuinely CARE about them and can get you some super useful insights on your products.
  2. Sales data: Take a good look at your revenue, number of orders, and average order value to get a better understanding of which products performed well and WHY.

Bonus Tip: If a particular product was a HUGE HIT, consider offering it year-round or promoting it more heavily. This could give you a major sales boost!

#3 Start thinking AHEAD

As you work on your V-Day debrief, don’t just look at what worked and what didn’t. Instead, focus on how you can APPLY what you’re learning here to your next big holiday. 

Your Valentine’s Day debrief is the BEST time to start jotting down your ideas and strategies for St. Patrick's Day and Easter!

Some key aspects to consider:

  1. Goals: Did you hit your V-Day revenue goals? Did you set the bar too high or too low? Based on your performance this V-Day, re-evaluate your goals for Easter and set a target that’s feasible AND profitable for you.
  2. Capacity: Were you OVERWHELMED with orders during Valentine’s Day? Was your V-Day kitchen a smooth-sailing ship, or did you take on WAY more than you could handle? Now’s the time to start thinking about whether you need to put a cap on your orders, invest in appliances, or hire additional support to help you through the Easter rush.
  3. Product Planning and Testing: Now that you have some insight into which products your customers LOVED this Valentine’s Day, start planning your Easter product catalog EARLY. If you’re launching new products, consider testing them well in ADVANCE. You can run a giveaway or give away free samples to collect feedback AND get your customers excited about the upcoming holiday!

Now that you know what you have to do, there’s NO EXCUSES! Do NOT skip this part of the process! As a business owner, it’s your job to be in constant learning mode so you can continue to grow and scale your business year after year. 

This debrief will give you a CRYSTAL CLEAR idea of exactly where you’re standing in your business right now – and EMPOWER you with the data and insights you need to SMASH your goals this St. Patrick's Day! 

BUT here’s the truth – you’re probably too tired to start this debrief by yourself after such an EXHAUSTING week. And trust me, I totally get it.

That’s exactly why I’ve built a super simple Valentine’s Day Debrief Workbook to make this process 10x EASIER for you. This template will walk you through all the KEY aspects you need to consider during your debrief session AND help you identify areas of improvement, so you can set yourself up for some SERIOUS success this Easter!

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