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How To Get People To Buy WHAT You’re Selling!

May 07, 2024

Mother’s Day is right around the corner friend! And if you haven’t been planning, preparing, and PROMOTING for the last 4-6 weeks you definitely MISSED the mark! But don’t stress! We can still make some sales happen!

Here’s the truth…

Conditioning your clients is a HUGE part of your success when it comes to Holiday Offerings and new product launches. But the most important thing is creating an OFFER or product that exudes VALUE and meets a pain point or DESIRE for your ideal client.

👉🏼 Creating a product that solves a PROBLEM that your customers don’t even know they have to is the FIRST STEP to making your product a NO-BRAINER purchase.

But before developing your products, deciding on menu options, or narrowing down what to sell, you have to consider how to SOLVE THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS and/or DESIRES for your customers.

And this is HOW you’re gonna do that:


This is critical to the success of your business, especially when it comes to holiday prep. The more you know about the holiday and how your ideal client CELEBRATES it, the better!

I like to ask myself these questions:

What matters to my ideal client right now?”

“How does this impact my ideal customer?”

“What is happening in the world right now? What does my ideal client care about right now?”

  1. Create valuable content that showcases your product

Types of content that would fit into this category include:

Validation: They wanna be seen and heard. They also wanna know they aren’t alone in their feelings/struggles.

Informative: Inform your customers about your product or offer. What exactly does it entail? Be descriptive and list the benefits that your offer or product HAS.

Entertaining: This is the chance for you to show off your personality. Share your brand story. This is an easy way to connect with your followers, and potential customers, and give them insight into your business.

Useful: Share WHY people need your product or offer. What problem does it solve? Or how does it meet their desires?

Helpful: Share something your customers don’t know about your product/offer. How can purchasing this product or offer to make their life easier?

Relatable: They aren’t buying into your product, they’re buying into YOU. If they trust you, if they connect with you, they’re more likely to buy from you!


Think about what influencers your customers or followers to stop their scroll! This comes back to making sure you understand WHO your ideal client/audience is and touching on their pain points and desires.

If you know their struggles, you’re more likely to create products or offers that SERVE them, making it more likely they’ll buy.


The more you show up (WITH THE VALUABLE CONTENT), the more you remind your customer of your offer (aka customer conditioning!)

This doesn’t mean spamming your social and email list with the “buy my shit” posts. This means creating INTENTIONAL & PURPOSEFUL content to speak to the different problems your ideal client has.

  1. Huge Sales aren’t going to roll in immediately

Don’t just give up after one week of not seeing a ton of sales. You’ve gotta be patient and stay consistent.

The reality is customers want immediate gratification so they’ll wait til the last minute to purchase. But that doesn’t mean you should wait til the last minute to promote your offers. The longer the timeframe you have to promote, the longer your product stays in the mind of your ideal client.

The bottom line is…

You’ve gotta create a product that solves a problem or meets the desires of your customers and create content that shows the VALUE of whatever it is you’re bringing to the table.

Focus on that and the SALES will follow!

Xo, Janelle

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