8 Winning Strategies for Small Business Owners during Slow Months Signup

8 Winning Strategies for Small Business Owners during Slow Months

May 14, 2024

People think Entrepreneurship and running a business is GLAMOROUS. You get to make your own hours, you’re your own boss, you get to do what you want whenever you want. BUT the one thing people forget to mention is that you are the LAST PERSON to get paid! πŸ˜•

So when business feels SLOW, it can be a frustrating, debilitating, anxiety-filled, and uncertain time. (Don’t worry, I’m gonna share 8 winning strategies you can implement to help you navigate these slow months in a sec, so keep on reading!)

You start to question your entire existence and purpose. You question if you’re worthy of success… if there is something better out there for you… if you’re good enough. πŸ˜”

But from my experience of running 2 businesses for over a DECADE, through a pandemic, and a recession- when my sales started to dip there were ALWAYS a couple of factors at play. Sometimes it was because my offers weren’t enticing enough. Sometimes it was because I wasn’t showing up as much as I should have. And sometimes it was because my products weren’t priced accordingly.

The things impacting your business may be completely different. But it’s up to YOU as the business owner to figure that out. Before you start to panic and blame the economy, look at the trends from last year and see if this is consistent with the season, time, etc. because TBH it may just be your “slow season.”

And only THEN can you start to figure out ways to pivot and get customers back in your door.

Here are 8 WINNING STRATEGIES that I implemented over 10 years of navigating slow seasons in my business to hopefully help spark some inspiration and help you get some sales flowing BACK in:

  1. Increase Average Purchase Value: Create promotions that encourage customers to buy more per visit. (Ex: bundle offers like coffee and a pasty, or a slight discount on a second loaf of bread)
  2. Introduce New Products: Slow months can be a great time to test new items that can draw in regulars and attract new customers. Consider seasonal items or limited-time offers that can create a buzz. *Hint: Make sure these products are SHARE-WORTHY and TRENDY! Think cookie croissant! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, look it up! 🀣
  3. Host Events or classes: Use your bakery space to host events, such as baking classes or tastings, which can generate additional revenue. These can be especially appealing during the holiday season or for special occasions. If you’re a home baker think about collaborating with another local small business that has a brick & mortar location.
  4. Leverage Loyalty Programs: Encourage repeat business through a loyalty program. Offer rewards like a free pastry after a certain number of purchases or discounts on larger orders. We did this through our POS system with Square.
  5. Enhance your online presence: Boost your online sales through promotions on your website or social platforms. (Social promotions could be a happy hour, buy 1 get 1 free, contests, giveaways, etc) Consider offering a delivery service if you haven’t already, which can help reach customers who are unable to visit in person.
  6. Partner with local businesses: Collaborate with nearby businesses to offer your products at their locations or to create joint promotions that benefit both parties. *NOT WHOLESALE! I want you to get paid what you’re WORTH!
  7. Catering services: Promote your bakery’s catering services for business meetings, parties, or other events. This can significantly increase order sizes and bring in substantial revenue.
  8. Offer subscription service: Implement a subscription service where customers can sign up to receive a selection of baked goods weekly or monthly. This can help ensure a steady flow of income.

While entrepreneurship may appear glamorous, the reality of being the last to get paid during slow seasons can be daunting. However, through strategic action and perseverance, there are ways to navigate these challenges, so don’t lose hope friends! By implementing proven strategies such as increasing average purchase value, introducing new products, and enhancing your online presence, you can revitalize your business and emerge stronger than before. Remember, slow seasons are not the end, but opportunities for growth and innovation on the path to success. Have you tried any of these strategies? If so, let’s continue the conversation over on Instagram! Send me a DM @thecakemamas!

Sending you love and encouragement always friend!


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