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5 Mistakes to AVOID when building your baking business!

Aug 08, 2023

In case you didn’t know this about me, I’ve been a business coach for bakers and small business owners for almost 6 years now, and after my running multiple businesses for over a decade and mentoring thousands of small business owners, I’ve seen so many of them make the same mistakes in their businesses. So, today I wanna share the 5 mistakes you may be making in your baking business so you can AVOID the challenges and hassles and jump ahead of your competition.

You have NO processes in place!

I’m not joking when I say processes & systems will literally SAVE YOUR LIFE. Having a process for everything allows your business to run smoothly and efficiently PLUS creates more time in your schedule to do things you love to do. So, you may be wondering, “What are processes?” Well, processes are standard operating procedures. You know when you had your first job and you had to clock in every day- that’s the most basic process you can have. In a baking business, I recommend having processes for how to take an order, how to bake your cakes, how you fill/frost and crumb coat, how you track the progress of your orders, etc. I could go ON AND ON AND ON about processes and systems but I’ll keep it short here.

You’re trying to do everything ALL BY YOURSELF!

There is no award for being the doer of all things and running a business by yourself. Businesses aren’t meant to be a one-person show! Eventually, you’ll burn out and become resentful. Think about one really successful business you love, I promise you they aren’t doing it by themselves.

You’re too worried about being “PERFECT”

Perfection is OVERRATED. And FYI doesn’t exist. Your idea of perfection is based on your current circumstance. Once you get to that next level, that idea of perfection you once had, no longer exists. So, stop striving for it and instead just show up.

You’re trying to grow too fast!

REST IS NECESSARY! I know we all struggle with taking time off for ourselves and doing things that are meant for us, but let me just tell you, your to-do list will be waiting for you when you get back. So, whatever you think can’t wait- CAN. Take the break! You’ll be better off for it, creatively, mentally, and physically.

You aren’t focusing on the DATA!

You have to pay attention to your numbers! This goes for how you price your products, your weekly revenue, your profit, the people landing on your site, etc. The DATA doesn’t lie. You may think that your business is growing because you have orders, but if you aren’t seeing an increase in profit month after month, something has to change. Plus whenever you do decide that you’re ready for that NEXT step and need funding- banks and investors are gonna look at the DATA first! So take it seriously!

What would you add? Are you guilty of any of these?

I promise you, friend, if you can avoid these 5 common mistakes you’ll set yourself up for GREATER success in the long run.

And if you’re curious about what things you SHOULD DO to be successful, you can click here to grab my 18 success tips as my gift to you!

Cheers to your success friend!

Xo, Janelle


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