5 Lessons Small Biz Owners can learn from the Stanley Cup Craze! Signup

5 Lessons Small Biz Owners can learn from the Stanley Cup Craze!

Jan 09, 2024

As a small business owner, you may have dreams of reaching the level of success that companies like Stanley have achieved. In case you’ve been living under a rock, or are new the hydration craze- Stanley’s Quencher cup was the MOST popular gift of 2023 and has recently reached even more VIRALITY through it’s collaboration with Starbucks and their “Valentine’s Day” pink cup which SOLD OUT at Target stores within minutes and is now being resold for up to $200. What began as a small company in 1913, has now grown into a revenue powerhouse, thanks to the success of their VIRAL Quencher cup. In this blog post, we will explore how Stanley turned the Quencher Cup into a viral sensation and what small businesses can take away from their success and apply it to their own unique businesses.

The capitalized on their UNIQUE SELLING PROPOSITION

The Quencher Cup was not the first insulated water bottle on the market, so how did it stand out from its competitors? Stanley’s Quencher cup is known for its durability, sleek design, and functionality. The company realized that its product had an edge that their competitors did not have and took advantage of it. More so, in 2022 Stanley updated its designs by adding new elements that follow what's happening in the world today- clean living, growing awareness of the environment, and health and wellness. We’ve all heard about the importance of hydration and hitting your “daily water goal”- well Stanley took this idea and revamped their designs to serve the demographic that was talking about this the most. WOMEN! Finding your unique selling proposition is crucial for small businesses to stand out in a crowded market. Take note of what sets your product or service apart and focus on promoting that unique selling point.

Stanley listened to their customers and SERVED!

The success of the Quencher Cup is a testament to the power of listening to your customers. Initially, the Stanley brand marketed towards men. Their brand exemplified masculinity, durability, and toughness, speaking to blue-collar, working class men. They had been around since 1913 and are just now seeing MASSIVE GROWTH in their company. But, when a popular mommy blogger mentioned the product on her blog, sales skyrocketed. Stanley took note and decided to pivot their entire marketing strategy towards women. They introduced new pastel colors, marketed towards WOMEN, and updated their entire product line. It is essential to listen to your target audience and adapt accordingly. When you understand what your customers want, you can tailor your products or services to meet their needs and preferences and even open up your company to an entirely new audience.

They understood the POWER of social media.

The Quencher Cup’s success can be attributed largely to its viral status on social media. Stanley encouraged customers to share their experiences with the product on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and "X" generating a buzz around the product. So much so to the point that TikToker’s are sharing its indestructibility through car fires, house fires, etc. Small businesses can do the same by creating shareable content and engaging with their customers on social media in a more meaningful and intentional way. A strong social media presence can help your business gain exposure, reach new customers, and build a loyal following that will get your tribe to bring in their friends and family along with them.

They were adaptable and willing to PIVOT!

Stanley’s pivot towards women was a bold move, but it paid off. The company was open to change and willing to take a risk, which led to the Quencher cup’s success. As a small business owner, it’s important to be open to change and adapt to new trends or customer preferences. Your customers, like yourself, are always growing and changing and are looking for the next best thing. Don’t be afraid to try new things, and remember that taking calculated risks can lead to big rewards.

They value QUALITY over QUANTITY.

Finally, the success of the Quencher cup is a reminder that quality products can sell themselves. Stanley’s focus on creating a durable and high-quality product resonated with customers and generated a loyal following of fans. As a small business, it’s important to prioritize the quality of your products or services and focus on delivering excellence consistently rather than selling just to sell. People purchase what they see VALUE in and if you can create vitality around your products, talk about your unique selling proposition, and listen to WHAT your customers actually want- then you’ve got a recipe for success.

In a saturated market with competition, like the baking industry, it can be challenging for small businesses to stand out and achieve success. However, the story of Stanley’s Quencher cup proves that anything is possible with the right strategy in place. By finding your unique selling proposition, listening to your customers, leveraging social media, being open to change, and prioritizing quality over quantity, you too can take your small business to the next level. So go ahead and take that calculated risk, adapt to new trends, and remember that great things can come at any moment in time.


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