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31 Life Lessons to Empower You!

May 31, 2023

Cue the confetti – IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! 🎉

Fun Fact about me: I LOVE birthdays! The FOOD, the CAKE, gathering with friends and family- nothing beats it. But as I get closer to another year around the sun- I like to think about my life, my blessings, my accomplishments and recognize HOW FAR I’ve come!

But while I might be getting older, I’m definitely NOT getting any QUIETER! So to celebrate today I’m sharing 31 NO-BS lessons with YOU. These are the hard-hitting, no-nonsense tips and tricks I've gathered while navigating my baking and coaching businesses in the last 13+ years. And today, I’m laying them all out for you! So, grab a pen, notebook, save this tab- WHATEVER you have to do to remember these tips because they will change your life.

Let’s get into it!

Lesson #1: Anchor yourself in your WHY

Let’s be REAL: sh*t’s gonna get ROUGH. Life isn’t always going to go the way you hoped or planned which makes it so important to remember your WHY in life. WHY you started this business, WHY you’re making the sacrifices you are, so you can stay committed to this journey. It’s the ONLY thing that’ll keep you grounded and PUSH you to keep moving forward.

Lesson #2: Let your goals SCARE the sh*t outta you

If your goals don’t scare you, they aren’t BIG enough”- Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

Don’t be afraid to dream big, sis! Massive REWARD requires MASSIVE RISK! Anything worth going after is going to scare you- it’s okay! It’s the only way to push yourself to step OUT of your comfort zone and do things you never IMAGINED you could do!

Lesson #3: Energy flows where your FOCUS goes

Goal-setting isn’t a once-a-year, New Year’s resolution thing. Turn your BIG goals into DAILY, WEEKLY, and MONTHLY targets to stay FOCUSED on the big picture and act in alignment with your MISSION. Be INTENTIONAL! 👏🏼

Lesson #4: Be the BOSS of your TIME

STOP being a people-pleaser. Successful people value their TIME more than their money. Be fiercely protective of your time and ONLY say yes to things that align with your goals and GROWTH. (I know this is HARD, especially for us women and mommas- but this ONE TIP will change so much for you personally if you follow through with it).

Lesson #5: EVERYTHING is figure-out-able

PROBLEMS are inevitable. Instead of wallowing in your problems, find a way to SOLVE it quickly. Embrace a CAN-DO attitude, get creative, and find a workaround that works for YOU. The longer you sit in misery and adopt a “why me” mindset, the longer you’ll feel STUCK and STAGNANT.

Lesson #6: BREAK the comparison chain

Comparison breeds self-doubt. Tune out the voice in your head that’s always tempting you to compare yourself to others. Focus on creating the life and business YOU want and start carving your own damn path to the top!

Lesson #7: If it was easy, EVERYONE would do it

Not everything is as EASY as it seems. With entrepreneurship and small business ownership being GLORIFIED on apps like TikTok and Instagram, more and more people are leaving their corporate jobs because their problems will be solved. FALSE! Building a business from scratch isn’t EASY and anyone who tells you otherwise is LYING. But once you power through the late nights, mental breakdowns, and disasters, you could walk away building something incredibly worth it. My advice: Just do it and see what happens!

Lesson #8: STOP complaining

If you have time to WHINE and complain about what’s wrong, you also have time to get up and FIX IT. So stop wasting your time complaining and TAKE ACTION!

Lesson #9: LEAN into the discomfort

Growth and greatness don't come from staying in your comfort zone. Push yourself beyond the safe and familiar and embrace the challenges that make you nervous. ‘Cause THAT’S where the real learning and transformation happens.

Lesson #10: What got you here won’t take you where you wanna go

Your existing habits and skills have got you where you are today. But if you wanna get to the next level, you need to GROW into the next best version of yourself. Focus on YOUR personal growth – learn new skills, gain more knowledge, and ABSORB and APPLY everything you learn. Be in constant learning mode!

Lesson #11: When the student is ready, the teacher will APPEAR

If you COMMIT to wanting MORE, the right mentors, resources, and coaches will find their way to you. It’s MAGICAL, trust me! This goes hand in hand with being in constant learning.

Lesson #12: Embrace the power of FAITH

You’ll ONLY achieve what you believe is possible. Having faith means believing in what you can’t see. Bet on yourself, dive in headfirst, and KNOW that you’ll land on your feet no matter what! Everything always works out the way it’s meant too.

Lesson #13: Learn how to sell YOURSELF first

People won’t buy from someone they don’t know and can’t trust. Stop hiding behind your products and put YOURSELF out there. Share your story, highlight your skills, and personality, and get confident in your own skin. Once you learn how to sell yourself, selling your products will be a cakewalk (pun intended!). *Oh, and remember PRACTICE makes progress! Don’t think you need to be perfect in order for someone to like you.

Lesson #14: Accept that you’re NOT for everyone

If you’re selling to EVERYONE, you’re selling to NO ONE. Quit trying to please everyone, focus on what makes you UNIQUE and start targeting people who value what YOU have to offer.

Lesson #15: Get your booty moving, every DAMN day

Moving your body isn't just about staying physically fit. When you break a sweat, it unleashes a flood of endorphins that pump up your creativity and energy levels too. So ditch the excuses, and move your damn body! Go for a walk around your neighborhood, ride a bike, hit the gym, go for a hike, do WHATEVER just always make movement a priority!

Lesson #16: Develop a PROFIT-FIRST mindset

It’s NOT greedy to focus on money. Profitability is the ONLY measurable metric for success in business. If you wanna build a sustainable business and stay around for the long run, focus on PROFIT FIRST and worry about everything else later.

Lesson #17: Your business will COST more than you think

Your business will DEMAND a level of focus, dedication, and HARD WORK you’ve never experienced before. It’s going to cost you TIME and SACRIFICE. But remember, 6 months of relentless hard work can put you 5 years ahead in life. So ask yourself: what’s the life you desire WORTH to you?

Lesson #18: GREAT leadership = sustainable business

Baking pretty cakes is just one part of running a baking business. To truly thrive, you need to become a kickass** LEADER. Learn how to manage your time, delegate tasks, train and teach your team, and provide guidance and vision. But this also goes for being a LEADER in your day-to-day life. Become the leader of your household, set an example, and see what happens.

Lesson #19: It’s not always your fault but it’s always your RESPONSIBILITY

Sloppy team members. Rude customers. Delayed deliveries. When things go wrong, it may not always be your fault. But signing up to be the BOSS means it’s always your RESPONSIBILITY. Get ready to take ownership, take decisive action, and steer your team through any crisis. No point in playing the blame game.

Lesson #20: Your business is NOT your BABY

Yes, your business is YOUR CREATION. But if you treat it with the same emotions you’d use to care for a baby, you’re setting yourself up for an UNHEALTHY emotional attachment. This WILL cloud your judgment and affect your ability to make decisions that are in the BEST interest of your business.

Lesson #21: Keep LEARNING or start failing

The moment you decide you've learned it all is the moment failure starts knocking at your door. In this fast-paced industry, getting complacent is NOT an option. Stay curious and seize every opportunity to learn something new EVERY DAY.

Lesson #22: Don’t let your personal FLAWS bleed into your business

Your business is NOTHING without you. We’re all human, we all have imperfections. But if you don’t identify your weaknesses and work on them, they’ll slide into your business and impact your team, your customers, and your PROFITS. Remember, your business deserves the BEST version of you!

Lesson #23: You CAN do EVERYTHING – just not all at once

Make sure you constantly ask yourself if you’re focusing on the right things! Because you can do everything – just not ALL AT ONCE! Identify your KEY priorities for this season and work on them FIRST before moving on to the other stuff. Trust that you’ll get everything done in YOUR own time!

Lesson #24: Don’t expand before you’re READY

If you expand without looking at your numbers and prepping a FOOLPROOF strategy, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Make sure you have a constant CASH FLOW, PROVEN process and systems, and are 100% prepared mentally to deal with ALL the challenges that come with an expansion.

Lesson #25: Establish a solid foundation at HOME first

It’s tempting to dive into a brick-and-mortar right away. But without a solid foundation, your bakery or creative business can crumble and FAIL. Start small from home to minimize risk and costs. Build confidence, financial resources, and a strong reputation before considering a storefront or commercial kitchen. Trust me, it’ll be worth the wait.

Lesson #26: DON’T listen to people who haven’t been where you’re trying to go

Lots of people talk a big game but don’t have the expertise or experience you need. Don’t act blindly based on your friends and family’s advice. Do your own research and make INFORMED decisions based on what’s right for your business and goals.

Lesson #27: Invest in BUSINESS knowledge – not baking skills

Running a successful business requires MORE than just talent. Stop wasting your $$ on decorating classes and invest in BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE. (This goes for ANY type of investment you make- always invest in things that will help YOU grow. I.E. self care, wellness, money & business knowledge) Learning HOW businesses work will help you to make informed decisions, plan for the future, and adapt and pivot in times of crisis or emergency (remember Covid?! 😱).

Lesson #28: Be open to INNOVATION

If you stop creating new solutions for your customers, someone else is gonna start creating them. Experiment and innovate constantly to stay RELEVANT to your customers and get ahead of the competition.

Lesson #29: Act on FACTS, not feelings

Emotions can run wild when it comes to your business. But relying on your FEELINGS without considering facts and data can be a recipe for disaster. You might THINK everyone will FALL in love with your business, but if you don’t do the market research and consider your customers' needs and desires, you might face disappointment. So stop acting on your feelings and make informed decisions based on research, data, expert advice, and facts.

Lesson #30: Get COMFORTABLE with feedback

Not everyone’s gonna LOVE everything you make. And that’s okay. A bad** CEO knows that feedback is NOT personal. Develop a positive relationship with feedback, respond to negative feedback professionally, and start LEARNING from your experiences.

Lesson #31: You CAN’T do this ALONE

Being a solopreneur can be lonely and isolating. You NEED to surround yourself with like-minded people who are on the same journey as you and UNDERSTAND your triumphs and frustrations. Find your TRIBE of bakers and CEOs and join a community that’s gonna cheer you on and help you WIN.

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And that’s it, friends! Those are my 31 lessons to celebrate turning another year older on May 31st! I hope some of these help you in your LIFE and business. I’m gonna go get more CAKE now but if you have any questions or wanna continue the conversation, hit me up on Instagram (@janellecopeland) anytime!


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