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What is Passion to Profit?


It’s not a bunch of RECORDED VIDEOS that you watch when you want. It’s not a GO AT YOUR OWN PACE kinda program (because YOU’LL NEVER DO THE WORK WITHOUT THE ACCOUNTABILITY!)

It’s not a “Well, I hope it works out for you” WISH from your instructors and mentors. It’s not a GET RICH QUICK, or MAGIC PILL solution!

It’s not a cult of HAPPY CAKERS.

What IS it then? 

It's a 10-WEEK masterclass that will teach you the necessary knowledge you NEED to build, grow, and sustain a PROFITABLE, thriving business! 

It’s a "daily accountability/check-in",  to hold you ACCOUNTABLE to the goals you COMMIT TO. It’s a “WOW, Janelle and Eddie are right there WITH ME”, suggesting and guiding me on this journey! kinda thing.

It’s a weekly LIVE MENTORING SESSION where you'll get to discuss YOUR BUSINESS with the group and share whatever struggles or questions you have.

It’s a “OMG, all these women are here to help and SUPPORT ME!” kinda group. It’s a well organized, STEP BY STEP walk-through of EVERYTHING you need to run a business. (NOT just a CAKE business. WHY? Because you might NOT even own a CAKE BUSINESS in 5 years! GREAT! Now you know how to start ANOTHER BUSINESS!)

It’s a 10-WEEK program that FORCES YOU THINK BIGGER so that your business can grow too! It’s a WHOLE NOTHER LEVEL from whatever ANY OTHER CAKE COURSE OUT THERE CAN EVER TEACH YOU!

What will I learn in this course?

Passion To Profit is a COMPREHENSIVE, IN-DEPTH, DEEP DIVE, blueprint for success for ANY small business! 

Inside you'll learn proper PRICING strategies to identify your costs and figure out how much money you want to make! And HOW to get there! 

We’ll cover branding, marketing, social media, SALES (which almost everyone struggles with!), time management, organization, systematizing (putting systems in place to make sure you’re running an effective business, not just a sloppy hobby!) And so much more!




When are the Coaching Calls? 

Every Monday for 8-10 weeks. Calls are about 90 minutes long, each week. 


How and where do the Coaching Calls take place?

Each week you will receive a link via email to register for and attend the virtual LIVE Q&A Call. If you attend LIVE, you'll be able to interact / ask questions, and also discuss your business with us live! (It’s fun, trust me!) 

What if I can’t make it to the scheduled calls?

That’s totally OK! 

Some students can't ever make it to the live calls... Between work, kids and running a business, we get it: Your schedule is packed! BUT, you'll have access to your online portal, where you can access ANY of the training content and watch ALL OF THE COACHING CALLS at anytime! AND, if you have questions about anything, you can ASK AWAY in our Private Facebook community, where EVERYONE is willing to help! 


Are there only Coaching Calls?

No! The Coaching Calls are the ICING ON THE CAKE! Each week, a NEW TRAINING VIDEO and course materials will be unlocked in your online members portal. You will have all week to watch the training and do the work.

And then we will follow up with weekly Coaching Calls to make sure you’re really applying and implementing all that you're learning.


How much time should I dedicate to this course and homework? 

To stay on track and get all that you can from this course, most people dedicate a few hours a week to listen to the training videos and then begin to implement the new processes. You’ll also want to put aside 60-90 mins on Monday's to catch the Coaching Calls if you can.


What happens if I don’t finish in 10 weeks?

Look, life happens. That’s why we give you access for LIFE to ALL the training materials and Coaching Call replays!

What is this “COMMUNITY” of business owners you keep talking about? 

Not only do you get access to the online portal (where you can post questions, leave comments, read what others have to say, etc.) but you also get access to our Private PTP Facebook group where you can connect and network with Business Owners from AROUND THE WORLD!!! You’ll all go through the course together and get to cheer each other on, AND you'll get insight from former students who have already completed the course! Then, you’ll realize we all have a bigger mission: and that is to impact your industry as a whole! And to stand up for each other and support each other‘s businesses. 


How much is Passion To Profit?

You didn’t hesitate to invest in ALLLL those fancy spatulas, tools, baking pans, airbrush machines, edible printers, and all that other crap you HAD TO HAVE! So don't hesitate to invest in a course that will help you actually SELL those treats!

Passion To Profit is not CHEAP, it’s an investment for sure. You'll wanna SAVE about $1,000! (Don't worry though we do offer payment plans!) So, if you're looking for a quick and easy fix to your business problems, sorry, THIS IS NOT THE COURSE FOR YOU.

This is not the "Fast Food" of cake pricing courses. This course is not cheap, easy or fast. BUT, if you're looking for a course that will help make a LASTING IMPACT on your business (and in your LIFE), then GET READY!  Enrollment is almost open. 

What are your qualifications?

I’m so glad you asked! Together with my husband, we’ve got over 25 years of retail, sales and management, and leadership experience! We’ve managed multi-million dollar businesses, worked for some of the top retailers in the world and hired and trained HUNDREDS of employees to achieve great things and grow their own successful careers! We’re motivators, parents who believe in teaching our kids to shoot for the stars and live BIG AUDACIOUS lives! We are FAITH-based believers and believe that we were all born with exactly the right talents and capabilities we need to share our gifts with the WORLD! 

Why are you doing this?

To change the WORLD! Well, the baking industry to start. 

But mostly because I’m sick and tired of hearing WOMEN in particular tell themselves STUPID STORIES! Like, “No one would ever pay that for a cake!”. Or, “People just don’t understand all the work that goes into making cakes.” Or “The cake industry is way too saturated for me to make a decent living making cakes.” 

I want to EMPOWER you to own up to your SUPER POWERS! If you are a creator, then your time, talents, and super powers are GIFTS TO THE WORLD!!! They need to be shared, or you will feel unfulfilled forever! So chase that dream Girl, but BE SMART ABOUT IT! 

Well, I think that pretty much covers it, but definitely let us know if there are questions we still haven't answered! We're REALLY hoping you invest in yourself and your business! Growth is important, and good quality teachers, training and mentorship is ESSENTIAL to the success of any growing business professional!

Lastly, we may not be right for you, AND THAT'S OK. But I would encourage you to: "Only take advice from someone you are willing to trade places with." In other words, if THEY haven't been where you're trying to go, then that's probably not advice you should take FOR FREE! Let alone pay for!

Words to think about. :)

Hope to see you inside soon Friend!

Janelle & Eddie Copeland

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