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To go along with the journal, you’ll get videos from Eddie and me to help you dive deeper into each journal topic so you can show up as your BEST SELF!

I always say there’s something special about writing things down pen-to-paper.To be able to pour your thoughts into a journal and reflect at the end of the day, week, month, or year and look at how far you’ve grown is such a rewarding feeling. 


Whether you’re searching for better productivity, more clarity around your goals, or looking to show up more consistently in life; this journal is everything you’re looking for. But I didn’t want to just create another journal that you write in for a couple of days, fall off track, and forget about; because to be real, this happens way too often. 

This masterclass is a way to keep you accountable, offer you support, and guide you as you go through the journal. You’ll go from feeling stuck & stagnant to empowered, inspired, and motivated to show up for YOU every single day. Because YOU matter friend! 

“My blessing and pick me up came in the mail today. Simple, effective, and spot-on: journal, kind encouraging words, affirmations, and confirmation. Janelle Copeland thank you for the gift.”

-Alechia Fludd 

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