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Must-Have Supplies for Bakery Owners Dreaming of a Storefront

May 28, 2024

Hey friend,

So, you've been baking it up in your home kitchen, and now you're ready to take your passion and everything you’ve built to the next level – opening your own storefront. Congrats sis! But before you dive into this next phase of your business, let's talk about the essential supplies you'll need to make your bakery dreams a reality.

As you know being a business owner is no easy task. It takes passion, perseverance, HUSTLE, and a whole lot of resourcefulness. But let me tell you, the journey is worth it. From working with countless students to collaborating with fellow business owners, I've seen firsthand that success comes to those who are willing to PUSH past the B.S., and make their dreams happen.

Now, let's get down to business. Here are the must-have supplies you’ll need for your dream bakery:

  1. Commercial Grade Oven: Your home oven got you to where you are today, but it's time to upgrade to a commercial-grade oven. This powerhouse will be able to handle the volume and variety of products you'll be baking up for your customers.
  2. Mixers: Say goodbye to hand-kneading dough, carpal tunnel and those $20 hand mixers. It’s time to Invest in heavy grade mixers to streamline your production process and save yourself some serious elbow grease. My 13-gallon mixer lasted for YEARS, so although the investment will hit your bank account hard at first, the investment will pay off in the long-run.
  3. Quality Baking Pans and Sheets: Invest in sturdy, non-stick pans and sheets in various shapes and sizes. Having a good selection on hand will give you the flexibility to experiment with different recipes, recipe sizes, and allow you to mass produce.
  4. Display Cases and Shelving: Presentation is key when it comes to selling baked goods. Invest in attractive display cases and shelving to showcase your creations and entice customers to indulge in your products. Your display cases are normally the FIRST thing your customer will see so make sure they speak to your ideal client.
  5. Packaging and Wrapping Supplies: Don't overlook the importance of packaging. Invest in high-quality packaging and wrapping supplies to ensure that your treats stay fresh and look professional. Remember, the little details can make a big difference and speak before your products can.
  6. Cleaning Supplies: A clean bakery is a happy bakery! Invest in cleaning supplies to keep your workspace sanitary and your equipment in top condition. Trust me, your customers will thank you for it. And you don’t want to get caught slipping when you get a surprise health inspection.
  7. Worktables and Counter space: You’ll want to invest in heavy-duty worktables and A LOT of counter space. The more you have the BETTER. I love this workbench/table by Huskey! It’s heavy duty with the marble slab on top but also has drawers so you store all your decorating tools and supplies.
  8. Exhaust Hoods and Ventilation: This is common sense! And necessary for safety hazards!
  9. POS System: You need a way to TAKE MONEY from your customers! I loved using Square cause it’s very user-friendly and made transactions seamless. Plus, they have a built in loyalty program you can use for your customers and you’re able to send invoices which is super helpful when taking custom orders.
  10. Storage Containers: When you’re operating a storefront, your product levels INCREASE drastically and you’re gonna want to start batch baking your batters, frostings, fillings, etc. Make sure to invest in large gallon storage containers of all sizes that will fit in your fridge. I shared my favorite storage containers in a Youtube Video you can watch here!
  11. Safety Equipment: You need a FIRE EXTINGUISHER. Without one, you’re breaking building code and you’ll get immediately shut down with the fire department or health department.
  12. Refrigerators! HUGE ONES: You’ll want to invest in LARGE refrigerators so you can put all your storage containers, cakes, ingredients and perishables in there. You aren’t going to be making batters on the fly anymore and you aren’t going to be shopping at your local grocery store buying a standard thing of butter, milk, and eggs. You’ll be buying WHOLESALE packages so you’re going need the space to put all of these huge boxes.
  13. Knives, Spatulas, Scoopers, Measuring Spoons and Mixing Bowls: This is pretty standard but you’ll want to upgrade to commercial grade quality for all these items to get a more consistent bake and they last A LOT longer.
  14. Fabric Pastry Bags and Tips: This is another obvious one but you’ll want to invest in the fabric pastry bags so you can wash them and re-use them versus buying the plastic pastry bags over and over again. It’s just an added expense you don’t want to take on in the beginning of opening your storefront.
  15. Decorating Tools: Any standard decorating tools you are currently using in your home, you can bring with you into your storefront. Then, if you have a custom order where you’ll need to order a new tool, then you can do that and pass that cost along to your customer.
  16. Ingredients: DUH! Your first big bill of inventory is going to hurt your bank account so bad but it’s necessary so just be prepared.

Some BONUS things to consider:

1) Processes binder to easily train employees: I would start creating processes as SOON as you start operating in your business. The minute you take an order, make it a process. How you answer your emails, make it a process. Jotting down recipes, make it a process. This will save you so much TIME and make training future employees so much easier.

2) Aprons/Uniforms so y’all look professional

3) Marketing Materials: Brochures, stickers, business cards, promotional items like loyalty cards, etc.

4) Dough sheeter (this will SAVE your life)

5) Tax System like Quickbooks (this will save your life in the long-run with filing your taxes)

Opening a storefront bakery is an exciting and rewarding phase of growing your business, but it's also a lot of hard work. Remember, success is not just about having the right supplies – it's about having the passion, perseverance, and grit to see your dreams through to the end.

Xo, Janelle


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