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MUST-HAVE Amazon Finds For Your Next Pop-Up Event!

Jul 02, 2024

Attending events are GREAT for any small business that is looking to attract more customers, grow their brand, and make some MONEY! The challenging part is HOW do you stand out amongst a crowd of vendors and actually get people intrigued in your business?

It all starts with BRANDING!

By having a clear and inviting brand story accompanied by elevated and cohesive packaging, getting eyes on your business becomes a lot easier!

But how do you create a STUNNING display, that is cohesive, inviting, and exciting without breaking the bank? Well, I’m gonna be sharing my TOP 5 strategies for how to SHINE at your next pop-up event without breaking the bank inside my new training that you can learn more about here!

While you’re here, I went on a deep dive through Amazon and gathered some MUST-HAVE finds that you’ll need for your next pop-up event! After YEARS of attending and participating in events of all kinds, there are some key indicators that every booth needs to run successfully BUT also some cheap and affordable buys that you can use to elevate your booth!

Let’s get into it…


Display Risers are KEY for displaying your products. It’s super hard to look at everything you offer if it’s just lying on the table or at the same eye level. You want to make sure customers can view your products from a distance clearly and that your products look neat and organized.

I LOVE these risers from Amazon! They range from $8-30 each but come in sets of 3 or 4! They also have tons of different ones to match your brand style. If I were selling cupcakes, candles, coffee, these would be PERFECT!

Aredpoook Acrylic Display Risers

Wooden Display Riser


You may not know what to do with a wall panel or clothing rack if you own a baking business but these are PERFECT for displaying merch, large photos of your work, or even hanging signs that have your business name all over it!

Bonnlo Grid Panel Tower

Therwen 2 Pack grid Wall Panel


Clothes Rack with Wheels


I’m a HUGE fan of display shelves! They don’t take up a TON of space and allow you to add a bunch of stuff on the racks so you can maximize the amount of product you bring. I would bring one of these racks with me to every event I did for my bakery and put my smaller items like cake pops, cookies, and rice krispie treats inside little baskets on each rack. As a bonus, these racks were mobile so I was able to position them in different spots of my booth.

5-Wire Shelving Metal Storage Rack with Adjustable Shelves

8 Pack Colorful Storage Bins


One of the things I notice ALL the time when attending events is the lack of signage and pricing at booths. Seriously, some people don’t even have the name of their business out in the front of their booth so people don’t know WHO they are and what their business is! So take this as your reminder to get SIGNS for everything you’re selling! You want to make it easy for your customers to navigate your booth and not ask YOU basic questions when you can be talking to them about your business and making a connection. These sign holders can be easily elevated by painting them and adding your own custom text (if you have a Cricut this will make your life so much easier!) Or you can simply print out your sign and slide it in.

6 Pack clear plastic sign holder

Portable Easel


If you’ve never participated in an event that was outside these are 100% necessary! Some of these are more obvious but you’d be surprised by how many people actually show up to an event WITHOUT these things. Remember, the more collapsible and mobile items you can find, the BETTER! It will make set up and transporting everything a lot easier.

Pop Up Tent

Collapsible Folding Wagon

Portable Camping Chair

Remember, whenever buying anything for your pop-ups, you want to consider if it matches your branding. The most successful booths are the ones that are the most COHESIVE! Don’t just buy something to buy something. Everything has to have a purpose and tie back to your brand. So often, I see business owners get caught up in buying all the fancy signage, tools, and decorations when they don’t really need them. (I know this because I’m guilty of this too!) In the beginning, make sure you have the essentials BUT also continue to save your money until you see more consistent income coming in and then you can slowly start to elevate your booth.

Xo, Janelle


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