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Money Habits that are Ruining Your Business

Apr 20, 2022

Listen up friends… It's time for some hard truths. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re working 18 hours a day in your business.

It doesn’t matter how much you’ve sacrificed. 

It doesn’t matter how many all-nighters you’ve pulled.

None of it matters if your money habits suck. 

I’m not gonna sugar coat it. I’m here to tell you how it is: You’re in business to make money. 

Yes, we wanna do amazing things for our customers. Yes, we love the ART and the CREATION. But none of that means sh*t if you aren’t making money. 

Your #1 responsibility as a business owner is to MAKE MONEY. Period. 

And that’s what we’re gonna talk about today. So grab a pen, take some notes, and keep on reading! 

If any of these money habits show up in your business, you’re slowly killing the success of yourself (and your business,) sis. 


Let’s dive in…These are the  Money Habits that are Ruining Your Business RIGHT NOW! 


You sweat the small stuff. And are CARELESS with the big stuff.

So many business owners (especially in the creative industry) are constantly complaining about their customers, or why need more followers, or that they’re always overwhelmed and overworked; but what if I were to tell you that maybe you’re the problem. 

You see, business owners want everything to happen FAST. They want the customers, they want the thousands of followers, they want the accolades, but  they don’t realize that growing a business takes a sh*t ton of trial and error, sacrifice, dedication, TIME and INVESTMENT. 

I’ve seen business owners overthink a $50 investment in a course that will teach them real business (and life) skills, but drop thousands on cake classes, cookie cutters, marketing materials, but they have no idea how to SELL what it is they’re creating. 

You have to stop focusing on the small stuff, like your follower count and complaining customers,  and start INVESTING your TIME, ENERGY, and FINANCES into the things that are going to propel your business forward. 


Thinking you can DIY your bookkeeping and accounting

Listen friend, if you were the type of person who could DIY their bookkeeping and accounting, you wouldn’t need this blog post. Plus, you’d already know exactly what it is I’m gonna tell you. 

DIYing your finances isn’t a joke! Understanding your numbers is by far the MOST IMPORTANT part of running a successful business. It’s how you determine whether or not your business is making money (which is why you’re in business to begin with)!  So, if you aren’t keeping track of your finances, you need to stop what you’re doing and get help! 

There are so many great tools to help you get your finances organized  such as: Quickbooks, Wave, and Freshbooks which are all SUPER easy, user-friendly options and it’ll take you only one afternoon to set it up. 

I promise offloading this responsibility will help you feel less overwhelmed and consumed by your finances. 

And ps. Friend, if you’re making over $100k, get yourself a damn bookkeeper. You can afford it! 


Not knowing your margins

Your margins tell you how much $$$ you’re actually making. Like cash in the bank after taking your expenses out. This is so IMPORTANT when managing your finances in your OWN life and in your business! If you don’t know your margins then you don’t know how much income you’re actually bringing in each month. 

You always want to make sure your margins are as big as possible. But you can’t do that if you don’t know where you’re starting from. 

This is where your bookkeeper/bookkeeping software comes into play. Software such as Quickbooks, can also tell you what your cash forecast looks like on a month to month basis. Super cool right? So if you’re planning for some big investments, they can take a look at your numbers and tell you when you’ll be able to afford them. Think of softwares like Quickbooks, as the co-captain to your monthly budget! You’ll want it on your team! 


Putting things you can’t afford on your credit card

FRIEND. We’re trying to get you OUT of debt. Not deeper in debt. If you don’t have cash in the bank to pay for something, think REAL hard about whether or not you really need to buy it. 


By all means, buy it on your credit card (get those points!) but if you can’t afford to pay for something in full, right then and there, think long and hard about whether it’s going to get you a return on your investment. 


Not having financial goals

If I ask you what your financial goals are, I don’t want to hear: “I just wanna make more money” I want you to be able to say “Janelle, I want to make $9,000 a month with a 40% profit margin by August 2022”. 


First, you set a goal. Then, you make a plan. And GO FOR IT. 


I’m rooting for you friend! 


How many of these money habits are you guilty of? Let us know by commenting below! 


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