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How to celebrate PRIDE month as a small business owner!

Jun 08, 2023

It's June- which means it’s the kick-off to PRIDE MONTH! Don’t get me wrong – Pride Month is an INCREDIBLE opportunity for bakeries and small businesses to highlight their products, showcase their creativity and lend their support to the LGBTQ+ community! BUT SHOULD you or SHOULD you NOT celebrate it? Lemme explain…

Your customers aren’t FOOLS. They can tell whether or not you actually care about a cause or are just trying to be on the “right” side of history. And if they feel you’re just exploiting Pride Month to make a quick buck or to seem like you care, I PROMISE you the backlash won’t be pretty.

In this blog, I’m gonna help you go beyond surface-level trends and give you some PROVEN tips and strategies for marketing Pride Month in a way that's authentic, respectful, and aligned with your bakery's values. Let’s get started!

Educate Yourself

The first step to launching any successful marketing campaign is RESEARCH.

And let’s be REAL: You CANNOT authentically participate in Pride Month if you don’t know what it’s REALLY about.

Danisha Lomax, senior vice president of paid social at Digitas, highlights that most brands fail to remember and highlight the history and origins of Pride in their marketing and celebration. “It started because queer and trans people were not able to have their rights and be taken seriously, and police brutality. “I don’t think a lot of brands have actually included that in their marketing efforts on a broad scale.”

So EDUCATE yourself and your staff on what Pride’s really about – and why it matters so much today.

Here’s a great resource to help you get started →

3 Questions To Ask Before You Start

Now, this goes for ANY holiday or month-Before you jump headfirst into your Pride Month preparations, take a moment to pause and ask yourself 3 essential questions that’ll shape your marketing strategy:

1. Does this resonate with your brand values?

As a small business, you likely have your own set of core brand values. If inclusion, diversity and equality are part of your core values, then celebrating Pride Month is an AMAZING opportunity for your bakery.

2. What’s the most effective and on-brand way to show support?

Each brand has its own distinctive personality. And the ONLY way to make sure your Pride Month celebration is a success is by creating something that feels authentic, meaningful, and aligns with YOUR bakery’s personality. So use this chance to get creative with your marketing strategy.

3. What are your customers expecting?

You know your customers better than ANYONE else. Take some time to think about what they might be expecting from you. Are they looking for Pride-themed treats? Do they expect a display of genuine support and inclusivity? Do they even care about pride month? When you understand your customers' expectations and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly, it shows the community that you care about THEM and are listening to what they want.

5 Creative Ways To Get Involved

There are TONS of different ways to celebrate Pride Month as a bakery or small business. The 5 strategies I’m sharing below can give you a SOLID foundation. BUT remember, the key is to brainstorm and adapt them to YOUR bakery’s unique brand – so your Pride Month celebrations reflect your brand’s personality AND resonate with your local community.

1. Create a special Pride Month menu item

Let your creativity run WILD here! Create a special menu item that screams pride to get your community talking. You can infuse your signature treats with rainbow colors or create a brand new MASTERPIECE – like these PRIDE croissants and rainbow kisses!

Pro Tip: If you want to take it a step further and GIVE BACK to your community, consider donating a portion of your pride item sales to a non-profit that supports the LGBTQ+ community.

2. WEAR your pride

From switching up your uniform, getting your team pride-themed aprons or decking out your storefront, find a way to be loud and PROUD as you show support for the LGBTQ+ community. Lots of brands also get rainbow-themed packaging for the month!

The idea is to walk the talk, immerse your bakery in the local celebrations and draw attention to your bakery and the cause.

Pro Tip: Commission a local LGBTQ+ artist to design your aprons or storefront. It’ll be a great way to celebrate their talent and increase visibility and awareness for the whole community

3. Host a Pride-themed event

Pride is all about celebration – so why not host your own PRIDE PARTY?

Your event could be anything that aligns with your bakery’s personality AND will be LOVED by your local community. While cookbook author Jake Cohen hosts an annual Pride Shabbat for queer Jews and queer and Jewish allies, other brands have hosted epic drag brunches in past years to celebrate Pride.

Whether you host an intimate invite-only gathering or a full-scale extravaganza, use this opportunity to widen your reach and build lasting relationships with your community.

4. Partner with local LGBTQ+ organizations

Collaborations and partnerships are ALWAYS useful for small businesses. Connect with LGBTQ+ organizations in your area to create a pride campaign or event that’s meaningful and fun for everyone involved!

  • Show some love with discounts: Got a specific LGBTQ+ business or organization in mind that deserves support? Offer discounts to customers who present receipts from those places. You can also set up a cool "punch card" program where customers earn discounts by attending Pride events or patronizing LGBTQ+-owned businesses. It's a win-win for all!
  • Collaborate and host events: Team up with a nearby LGBTQIA+ business and plan a pop-up or a one-day event that highlights both businesses. These experiences will help you widen your customer base and build excitement around your brand.
  • Spread the word with recommendations: Whether it's in-store or on your social media pages, take a moment to shout out to LGBTQ+-owned businesses in your area. Always make sure to ask for permission before sharing, and don't forget to include addresses, links, or tags to help customers easily find and support these fab establishments!

5. Extend your support past Pride Month

Consumers are increasingly becoming suspicious of brands that remove ALL mention of pride, inclusion, and diversity the second June’s over. Make sure your support and activism extend beyond Pride Month to let your customers know your efforts are genuine and purposeful.

Pro Tip: Representation MATTERS. When you’re choosing images or creating advertising and marketing campaigns, try to include LGBTQ+ people of different ages, gender identities, and races to highlight the full diversity and intersectionality of the community.

I’ve always believed that a BAKERY is the HEART of a community. And this Pride Month, YOU can lead the way and bring your community together to celebrate pride in a way that’s authentic, meaningful, and a TON of fun for everyone! Remember to approach trends with caution, show genuine support and let your creativity SHINE. Spread love, celebrate, and forge meaningful connections – it’ll do WONDERS for your business and make a REAL difference to your community!

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