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3 Things Customers Want You To SELL during the holidays!

Dec 05, 2023

Move over decorated sugar cookies! This is what your customers REALLY want from you during the holiday season.

As a small business owner, especially a bakery owner, it can be hard to stand out during the holiday season. During this time of year, EVERYONE is in the kitchen cooking and baking, even the people who don’t typically bake, so how do you turn those holiday bakers into buying customers?

Well, I’m sharing 24 tips and strategies to help you WIN this holiday season but before we get into that here are three important factors to consider!


How can you make their life easier during the chaos of the holiday season?

Do you offer a product that they can bring to family gatherings, Christmas parties, events? Do you offer special packagting or gift-wrapping to make your products stand out amongst the rest? Do you offer a product that solves a problem they may be having during this time of year?


What trendy/unique cool ideas can you offer them and package into a product to make your customers say, “YES, I NEED THIS!”

During the holidays, a lot of people are spending time in the kitchen! What can you offer to make even the holiday baker say, “OMG, I need to have this!”


The holidays are about spending time with friends and family and making memories together. As a consumer, I’m always looking for ways to make the holidays even more special and memorable whether that’s through holiday experiences or doing group activities. As a business owner, think of ways you can help you clients participate during the holidays. Some examples could be offering Gingerbread Decorating House Kits, Holiday themed paint & sips, Holiday themed baking classes, Santa Cookie Decorating kits, etc.

Not to forget it has to look AMAZING and taste GOOD!

Truthfully friends, if you can combine all of these key components and create an amazing product-I have ZERO doubts that you’ll have an incredible holiday season!

How do you feel during the holidays? Overwhelmed? Excited? Stressed out? These are ALL EMOTIONS your client feels too! So my tip for you is to put yourself in your clients shoes and really think about what would HELP YOU thrive during this season.

What would help you feel less stressed and more excited about the holidays? That is the key to increasing your sales and getting more clients to say “YES!”

To help you create irresistible products that your customers can’t live without, I want to gift you my FREE HOLIDAY PLANNING WORKBOOK so you can be more prepared, inspired, and energized throughout this holiday season and throughout the year.

Inside, I’m sharing 24 tips and strategies to help you win this holiday season. You’ll learn the importance of STRATEGIZING, SCHEDULING, PRIORITIZING, and understanding your NUMBERS so you can not only double your sales but continue to grow your business all year long.

If you’re ready to attract your dream clients and create share worthy products your customers will love then click here and grab my free holiday planning workbook!

Happy Holidays friend!

Xo, Janelle


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