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A Real Treat is a networking event for ACTION TAKERS who are ready to become total BOSSES in their industry! Find an event date near you for a night of networking and business GROWTH!

When WOMEN come together, with one common goal, it's a MAGICAL THING!

"As women, the greatest service we can do is help each other RISE and support each other. Collaborate, share, inspire and empower! That's what I believe in!" 

-Janelle Copeland


Who's this event for?

FEMALE SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS. Invite a Business Bestie to come too! This event is NOT just for BAKERS. I have many women in my tribe who are hair stylists, restaurant owners, photographers, artists, fitness professionals, real estate agents, and more! You can expect a fun night of networking and business conversations that can benefit all different types of business professionals.

What you'll learn:

You'll spend 3 hours with Janelle and Eddie Copeland, in person! We'll get to know each other, and discuss all things business! We'll share the top 10 things you can do NOW to:

1. Grow Your Sales

2. Avoid or Recover from Burnout

3. Gain Clarity on the direction of your business

Plus, bring business cards and treats to share (which is totally optional)!

This will be the best 3 hour investment of the year, so don't miss out on this fun networking/ business opportunity!


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We sure hope you'll join us!


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