What's the IRL retreat?

Let me explain...In November 2018 I hosted the first ever, all-women’s IRL RETREAT (Also known as The “IN REAL LIFE” Retreat. And YES, now that our community has MEN, we are working to create NEW experiences to include them too!)
Anyway, WHY IRL? And WHAT makes it special.
Well, because it’s all about bringing amazing, like-minded individuals together, IN REAL LIFE to talk, laugh, brainstorm, create memories, share struggles, victories and experience breakthroughs!
(Click on the video for a sneak peek of it! It's freaking EPIC)
What makes it EXTRA special is ALL the women in attendance have gone through my 8-week business masterclass, Passion To Profit and are now able to come together in PERSON to nurture and grow those relationships even further. 
This retreat is about EMPOWERING one another, collaboration, and sharing experiences so everyone can WIN! 

Is IRL meant for YOU?

If you want to...

Get away from your stressful daily TO-DO LIST

Do something that feeds and rejuvenates your soul

Connect with new girlfriends who are experiencing the same business and life struggles you are

Share and collaborate to discover new ideas and perspectives that will help to shape and refine the FUTURE YOU!

Create new relationships in a REAL LIFE community of purpose-driven, goal oriented entrepreneurs who want to experience BREAKTHROUGHS in business and life, then the IRL community is for YOU.

Can't Wait To See You IN REAL LIFE!

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*SPOILER ALERT* You can't attend this EPIC Retreat unless you're a Passion To Profit graduate. Sign up today before the next retreat in 2022.


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