Discover the SECRET recipe to increasing your holiday sales!

Learn how to ATTRACT your dream clients and create SHARE WORTHY products your customers will love to have record-breaking sales this Valentine Day!

Yes! I wanna have record-breaking sales!

Valentine's Day SHOULD be your HIGHEST GROSSING REVENUE day of the entire year! 

And if this hasn't been the case for your business, then that's a problem!

If you find yourself struggling to close sales, attract your dream clients (THAT WILL PAY FOR YOUR TIME, TALENT, AND EFFORT), and develop EXCITING products that will actually sell, then we wanna invite you to join for us inside our Valentine's Day sales training where you'll learn how to have RECORD-BREAKING sales and kill it this Valentine's Day!

You'll walk away feeling CONFIDENT AF with a schedule, clarity, organization, and a PLAN for exactly what to do to be better prepared this Valentine's Day! 

I'm READY to Double my Sales!

Work SMARTER not harder this Valentine's Day

Inside this, 90-minute workshop, we’re going to brainstorm Valentine’s day products that your customers will RAVE about, how to create IRRESISTIBLE marketing content that is STRATEGIC, and figure out how much you should charge to not only make a PROFIT but have record-breaking sales. 

And the BEST part? You’ll leave feeling CONFIDENT, INSPIRED and  equipped with a strategy and framework, that took me over 13+ years of HIGHS & LOWS to perfect that you can use for ANY holiday any time of the year! (It’s a win-win sis!)


In this 90 minute workshop WE WILL..

  • PLAN strategically this Valentine’s day so you’re not overwhelmed and overworked running around with your head cut-off
  • Show you tow o Use a “ Marketing RUNWAY” to make your marketing more effective and convert followers into customers
  • Brainstorm IRRESISTABLE products + unforgettable PACKAGING that will make your customers say “gimme more”
  • Price SMART (so you can actually make a PROFIT and PAY yourself this Valentine’s Day)
  • Establish a realistic MONEY goal and what steps to take in order to get there!
  • Create a schedule of PURPOSEFUL CONTENT and marketing for the next 4 weeks, so you don’t fall off track 
  • Give you tools to mManage your stress and say goodbye to the holiday OVERWHELM
  • Show you how to pPromote your Valentine’s Day offers so you can reach and attract your DREAM CLIENTS 
I'm ready to kill it this Valentine's Day!

You get all of this and MORE for only $19!

Now YOU KNOW you'd happily drop $19 on a cake pop class without even thinking! That's why we're making this workshop a NO-BRAINER! We're giving you access to not only the Valentine's Day Training but also the workbook so you can refer back to this training year after year.

Hey, I'm Janelle!

And when I started my baking business, I didn’t know sh*t about being a bakery owner. I had ZERO experience, no money, and I had to learn EVERYTHING from scratch. 
But after tons of research, A LOT of trial and error, working with HUNDREDS of business owners, and running my own multimillion dollar baking business for more than a DECADE, I’ve learned some FOOLPROOF tips and tricks that’ll help you pull off UNIMAGINABLE  SALES, no matter where you are in your business journey!
So, if you’re ready to hit the ground running and make Valentine’s Day the first holiday of your BEST year yet, then get immediate access to our Valentine's Day training below!

Most Bakers and Artists LOVE to create, but fall short when it comes to SELLING their products!

Friend, what would it be WORTH for you to establish a clear goal, and not only ACHIEVE IT but SURPASS it? 

We'll teach you how to STRATEGIZE, SCHEDULE, PRIORITIZE, and understand your NUMBERS so you can not only double your sales but continue to grow your business all year long!

If you’re ready to do some deep work, get your sales strategy just right, and create a solid FOUNDATION that's going to help you grow your business YEAR AFTER YEAR, then this workshop is for YOU!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 

So for ONLY $19, you'd better act fast! 

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