The Social Celebrator:

An ALREADY-MADE-FOR-YOU, ready-to-go, daily guide to KILLING IT on Social Media!


It’s basically the ANSWERS to the dreaded, daily social media test.

What should I post? 

What's cool and trending today?

How can I make that relevant to my business?

What should I say? 

What #hashtags should I use?

Will people even CARE about this? 

For the past 10 years, The Cake Mamas has posted about every single special holiday, crazy/wacky day and anything else we could, to get people to see that life is FULL OF REASONS TO CELEBRATE! (So of course, they need CAKE!)

And THAT’s why I decided to create the SOCIAL CELEBRATOR for you!

The Social Celebrator

is a monthly membership that gives you access to tons of fun stuff to help you JUMP INTO all the trending conversations taking place on Facebook and Instagram.

KNOWING when the fun holidays and daily observances are, are just half the battle! Knowing WHAT TO SAY, or how to tie it into your business is another problem!

The Social Celebrator not only helps in providing you with CLEVER COPY, and helps you solve the problem of "WHAT TO SAY", but it saves you tons of time and energy by not having to search and scour the internet every day to make sure you’re not missing out on all the FUN stuff!

So, if you find yourself unprepared, or missing out fun holidays, like National Chocolate Day (Thursday, July 7th, 2022) 🍫or even National Bacon Day (Saturday, September 3rd, 2022) then this guide is a LIFESAVER!

You don’t have to be a Cake Maker to benefit from this either! Whether you’re a Real Estate Broker, an Orthodontist, Hairstylist or own any other type business, this guide is filled with all the prompts and content you’ll need to seriously STEP UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA GAME!

WHY is it a LIFESAVER you ask?

Well, think about this...

  • How many hours do you waste trying to come up with clever and engaging posts that your followers will not only enjoy, but also comment on?
  • How many times have you intended to participate in a special holiday (Like National Donut Day), but either completely FORGOT, or just didn’t plan ahead?
  • Do you actually have a social media “STRATEGY”? As in, you don’t just prepare your posts on a whim, or minutes before posting? (And be honest with yourself.) Think about how much more productive and effective you could be if someone created an actual strategy FOR YOU! (Like how much more could you accomplish each day if your SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS WERE WRITTEN 30 DAYS IN ADVANCE!?) #MindBlown

Here's what's included:


Each month we'll send you an entire month-long list of cool holidays you won't have to search for!


We'll provide you with photos of creative product ideas, which you can repost, or be inspired to create something unique to your business!


You'll get post suggestions and verbiage to use for each holiday, which will increase engagement and frequency.


You'll also get all the #hashtags you'll need to get noticed and start "trending" in the hot topics too!

If this sounds good and you WANT IN, let’s cut to the chase:

For $240 per year, you’ll get automatic monthly emails with new content! That’s $20 bucks a month, or $0.67 cents per day!

*I don’t know about you, but I would HAPPILY pay someone $0.67 cents a day to tell me what to post on Instagram/Facebook! $0.67 cents a day to WRITE IT OUT FOR ME, include pictures and hashtags?! YES! #WINNING!

If you’re already IN, and want IMMEDIATE ACCESS NOW, GREAT, get in here so we can start CELEBRATING TOGETHER!🤗🥳🎉

If you’re hard-headed, and you’re slow to see value, then you can decide to skip this.

But only IF you pinky promise to:

  • Create a detailed monthly calendar of every single event, holiday and observance each month all by yourself
  • Create your own Social Media "strategy" for the entire year all by yourself
  • Search and scour the internet for HOURS each week for all the fun stuff (holidays, national observances, celeb birthdays, etc.) all by yourself
  • Hire a copy writer to help you come up with clever quotes and posts so you’ll know exactly what to say each day
  • Be creative and start to develop your products AHEAD OF TIME to help your business participate in all the fun stuff you keep missing out on…

If that all sounds great, then AWESOME! This membership is NOT for you!

BUT, if you’re still on the fence, how about we let you make payments? We will send you access for 3 months, for $72. (That’s still, just $24 per month, or $0.80 cents per day!)

When was the last time you said, “I really need to get better at posting more often, but I never know what to say.” OR, “Why do I always miss out on all the fun holidays!?”

Well, then join us!

Especially if your goal is to gain more followers, increase engagement and GROW YOUR SALES!


What’s all the hype about?

"I am so grateful for you creating this group. It has definitely opened my eyes to a lot of things. One pricing and knowing my worth. I agree with you 100% to take on being an entrepreneur and being ready to sacrifice and face those challenges as that you speak of you must be ready for it all. Both the highs and the lows. The more I see your post and your challenges and your videos and everything that you have taught us it points me towards more and more that I may not be ready for entrepreneurship. There are so many things that come into play then just making a great cake that tastes good and looks good I don't have the other parts down yet because I have not invested the time to do so. However if you allow me to I will continue to see follow and watch and take all of your advice and absorb it like a sponge."

Kristy Castellanos Ehoff

"Sooo much YES! You did not over hype this!!! Read over the December Social Curator last night, and I think I’m in love! 😍 😍 "

Kristi Milton

"I love the Social Celebrator so much!!! Just loaded it into my content calendar! Can you say, planned and prepared?!"

Shavone Lave

"OMG, I’m a BROKER and the Social Celebrator has helped me get my social-media-life together! No one cares that I don’t make or sell tacos or donuts!.. They’re just thankful that I remind them of fun things to celebrate (or eat)! Now if only I could get them to take National Real Estate Day as serious as National Bartender Appreciation Day! "

Vanessa Mares

Payment Options

The Social Celebrator is a 12 month social media guide to all the fun, wacky holidays, and daily,weekly and monthly observances. You'll get actual posts to copy and paste, or to just use as inspiration to engage with your audience.

6 Month Access



Includes 6 month social media content.


1 Year Access



Includes 12 month social media content.


3 Months Access



Includes 3 month social media content.


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