Girlfriends Day! Shall we CELEBRATE?🥳

This is a #TrueStory ️ And written straight from the heart!

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Can we get real for a moment?...

Some of y’all think it’s necessary to claw, put down, degrade and belittle another woman just so you can shine. 

Trust me when I tell you that there’s enough in the world for us to all shine!

In 2018, I did so many things OUTSIDE OF MY COMFORT ZONE! 

(Mostly thanks to the women in my community.)

They pushed me, encouraged me, showed me grace, and so much more!

In September 2018, after 9 months of my Passion To Profit students asking me to host a live event (so we could all meet and connect IN REAL LIFE), I finally took action! But I had one one condition: I would plan the entire event ONLY IF I could keep it EASY, SIMPLE and FUN to plan for myself. AND, it had to be a secret!  

They agreed, and GAVE ME MONEY with ZERO DETAILS!!!!
We literally joked about it because they paid for their tickets, booked airfare, and flew across the freaken country and TRUSTED that someone would pick them up, (or kidnap them from reality for a few days) and keep them safe. ALL THIS with no address, no phone number to call, or ANY INFORMATION!!!!! 

They didn’t know where they were staying, who would be there… LITERALLY NO INFO! 

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We had so many great laughs about this!

But I guess they just knew that they were in good hands and TRUSTED ME to create an amazing worthwhile experience for them! 

Guys, this event was beyond ALLLLL of our wildest dreams!!!! It was MAGICAL! 

Hosting a 4 day retreat for some of the most amazing female entrepreneurs in the baking industry!... What an honor!

We spent 4 days, connecting IN REAL LIFE, collaborating, sharing, brainstorming, and strategizing for 2019! 

Check it out! >>> CLICK HERE

It literally brought me LIFE to serve these women! So much that I decided I’d host 4 more in 2019!

I hope you know that when we WIN TOGETHER, we win as an INDUSTRY! And then we can help others win along the way! 

The moral of the story:


And my tribe of FIERCE FEMALE FOUNDERS continues to grow as we get ready to expand our tribe at our August Retreat! 

If you’re interested in attending a retreat like this, you can apply here!

Happy GIRLFRIENDS DAY Ladies!!!  Love y’all!️

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Janelle Copeland