Wanna know the secret?

Wanna know the secret to having a successful life and business??? 

***SHOW UP, learn, try, FAIL, and get better everyday!

Everyone is always afraid to FAIL! Afraid to SUCK!

But guess what!?...
EVERYONE SUCKS in the beginning!!! 

Regardless of what people show you on Instagram, or the fact that you think they were just born with AMAZING TALENT, they too, SUCKED at some point!

(And if you’re reading this saying, “I never sucked…“
Don’t fool yourself... You definitely STILL suck at something!💁🏼‍♀️) Just sayin...

So again...
Show up, get better, stay in your lane, and try to SUCK LESS and LESS everyday!

There!... that’s the secret!
***Suck less and less everyday!***
Simple, but EXTREMELY true and effective!

I promise, THAT is the “recipe” for success!

Have a great Thursday everyone! 
😘❤️, Janelle

Janelle Copeland