My 18 Success Tips for Small Business Owners

Two years ago, on July 18th 2017, my oldest daughter turned 16. 

My husband and I took the evening off so we could spend it with her, BUT... It was the first year she wanted to spend her birthday with her friends instead of her parents. πŸ˜₯ 

So there we were, sitting at home with nothing to do on a Tuesday night...

I have been getting lots of emails for years from Bakers asking how I started my business and asking for any business tips or advice I could give them...

Of course, with my busy schedule, it was not conducive for me to respond to every single email...

So I did a quick Instagram live and a Facebook live asking if bakers wanted to join me in a private Facebook group so we could chat about all things BUSINESS! 

Within an hour, there were 200 members! 

We had the most amazing conversations, made massive connections and talked about my favorite subject: WINNING IN BUSSES! 

Fast forward two years to the day! 

Today we are celebrating Jasmynβ€˜s 18th birthday! 😱 (First off, how the hell did that happen????πŸ˜ͺ She was a baby last week!😰) 


She’s got another month ago and then she will be attending UCR in the fall.


To celebrate, I thought it would be fun to give you 18 tips that I feel will help get you in the mindset of a WINNING ENTREPRENEUR! 


I hope you enjoy these, and I write them from my heart, AND my hard earned experience! 

Happy birthday to my baby girl! 

And happy 2nd anniversary to my tribe! Cake Cents has attracted some amazing business owners from all over the world and I am honored every day that I get to interact with you all! 

Keep shining and GROWING because the world needs exactly what you have to offer!

😘 xoxo, 


Janelle Copeland