Why you should NEVER give up!


If you think celebrities are born with fame and fortune, think again. Many of today’s most well-known, beloved celebs had to endure years, even DECADES of poverty and hardship before becoming rich and famous. Their status inspires us, yet leads us to believe that STRUGGLE is not something they’re too familiar with… This is UNTRUE.

In the spirit of J.K. Rowling’s birthday today, I wanted to share a few lessons I’ve come to realize through MY OWN PERSONAL PURSUIT TO GREATNESS…  

I’ve learned that successful people go through ups and downs, tragedy, self-doubt and major setbacks too! We (us commoners), are not special… Everyone has problems. No one is exempt.

I’ve learned that we hope and pray and try to wish our problems away! But the reality is: Our greatest struggles teach us the GREATEST LESSONS in life! Which often lead us to those massive opportunities that create wealth and security! 

They make us stronger. They build our resilience. They teach us patience, gratitude and hard work.. They build our character, increase our resourcefulness and help develop our tenacity. They become our TESTIMONIES! And they made great headlines when we make it big! LOL

“10 Celebrities Who Went From Rags To Riches”

YET on most days, we want to throw in the towel and give up. On most days, we whine and wonder WHY all these things are happening to us! We WISH we could live PROBLEM FREE and “just be happy”. But happiness, joy and contentment can also be found in our most tragic moments. (I could write an entire book on this!)

Back to J.K. Rowling...

From a single working mom on welfare to 5,549,854 Facebook fans and more than 500 million books sold all over the world, in 80 different languages, Rowling has since become one of the world’s best-selling living authors and one of the wealthiest women IN THE WORLD! But not before overcoming the hardships of a tough family life, illness, tragedy and lots of UNCERTAINTY! 

A miscarriage, a rocky 13-month-long marriage that ultimately failed, joblessness, depression and even thoughts of suicide…Could you imagine a world WITHOUT Harry Potter books??? That would be tragic!

Or how about a world with any of these famous celebs who went from NOTHING to a MASSIVE NET WORTH:

  1. Oprah Winfrey – $2.9 billion

  2. J.K. Rowling – $1 billion

  3. Tom Cruise – $500 million

  4. Shania Twain – $350 million

  5. Leonardo Dicaprio – $200 million

  6. Demi Moore – $150 million

  7. Jim Carrey – $150 million

  8. Sarah Jessica Parker – $90 million

  9. Hilary Swank – $40 million

  10.  Leighton Meester – $5 million

Friend, it’s super easy to get lost and caught up in our own drama and daily battles. It’s easy to think that people who are doing well, automatically avoid tragedy and set-backs. But it’s simply not true...

Success is a constant challenge and uphill battle. And RIGHT WHEN YOU THINK YOU’RE IN THE CLEAR…. BOOM! Another challenge surfaces! 

But, aren’t all good things WORTH fighting for? 

It’s also important to remember that SUCCESS IS NOT PERMANENT. J.K Rowling or all the other people you look to for success STILL CLIMB! They’re journey doesn’t STOP just because got the leading role, or sold a million books! (And YOUR CLIMB won’t stop when you get more customers, make more money, open that business...)

They keep climbing! Because once you learn how to get to the TOP of ONE MOUNTAIN, you’re more likely to have gained the right knowledge to get to the top of another… And another… And another!

And guess what?! “New level, new devil.”

So work on your mindset now and start to look at your CLIMB differently Friends!

You’re just being prepared for the next level! 

GROWTH NEVER STOPS! So YOU shouldn't either! Just keep going!!!

One last thing… If you forgot this message, and gave up, or threw in the towel on something in the past… THIS MESSAGE IS FOR YOU. It’s never too late to get up, and get back in the game!

Keep going Friend! 


Oh, and don’t forget to read all about those other stories! 

10 Celebs who went from Rags to Riches - https://financesonline.com/10-celebrities-who-went-from-rags-to-riches/

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Janelle Copeland