DAMN! She looks GREAT!😱 (And what this has to do with YOU!)

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Hey Friends! 

So here’s the deal… Today is Jennifer Lopez’s 50th Birthday!

WHY ON EARTH am I writing about JLo’s birthday? 

Because friends, she’s 50 today😳 and she’s straight FIRE!!!🔥🔥🔥

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😳LOOK at those ABS!🙌🏽👏🏽

Although I offer a course on BUSINESS GROWTH, a HUGE portion of my focus in Passion To Profit and with my community (of mostly women) is to help YOU become a better version of YOU!

I don’t just want to see you grow professionally, but I want to help you become a better HUMAN. For yourself, for your customers, for your loved ones, for the industry, and for those that come after you! You’re paving the way for the future GIRL BOSSES in training!🙌🏽 And you have a responsibility to fulfill the commitments to your DREAMS!

And you can’t do that if you’re not HEALTHY and living your best life! Which is why FITNESS is one of my favorite F words!

I’ve talked before about the toll that starting a business can have on your health… The long hours, the intense dedication and sacrifice… I know it definitely got the best of me when I first started out…And I don’t want the same for you! 

I realized 2 years in that I NEEDED TO BE HEALTHY in order to keep chasing my dreams! I had to stop using the excuse that I was too busy to meal prep and not eat crappy, cheap FAST FOOD. I had to stop telling myself that I didn’t have time to workout, and instead, MAKE THE TIME. And truthfully, it became a priority only after my health was in question… (So many of us have to learn the hard way!)

Which is why I want to share my experience so that YOU don’t make the same mistakes!
I saw this photo of JLo a few months ago on IG and I screenshotted it.😳

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I shared it with all my friends, (of course after I praised her publicly for being a GODDESS!🙌🏽👏🏽👏🏽), and I vowed to make my health a priority for the next 10 years so that when I turn 50, I’m not struggling with my weight, or complaining about aches and pains caused by neglect on my part. I also don’t want to HATE my body, which is something A LOT of women do!

I want to love, and appreciate by body for allowing me to get up and do all the hard, scary and grueling things I EXPECT it to do each day. Which means: I MUST MAKE MY HEALTH A PRIORITY.

Admit it, even if you’re not a fan of JLo, she still looks DAMN GOOD FOR FIFTY!!!!🙌🏽👏🏽

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I found this article I thought was worth sharing: “The Varied Fitness Routine That Keeps J. Lo Looking So Damn Good”. 

I’m sharing a few the key points that I personally apply to MY daily fitness/health routine as well to hopefully START the internal conversation you need to have with yourself!

Here are some easy tips to help you BEGIN to make your health a priority:

  1. Work out in the morning. Make it a priority and get it done early in the day to help you avoid making excuses and running out of time. You wouldn’t cancel a meeting you had with your boss or with someone important… So make YOURSELF someone important too!

  2. Learn to find JOY in moving your body. It’s a PRIVILEGE to be able to workout, NOT A PUNISHMENT. It’s something you GET TO DO! Not something you HAVE to do. If tomorrow you lost a leg, you’d give ANYTHING to be able to walk! Don’t get caught up in “not knowing what you have until it’s gone or too late!”

  3. KEEP IT FUN, FRESH and EXCITING! Hire a trainer, invest in a course or workout program to take the guesswork out AND to keep things fun. (Or keep reading, because I’m sharing some FREE beginner workout routines with you!  Try new things like a spin class, a dance class, Zumba, going on a hike, swimming, boxing. There are so many ways to incorporate movement and cardio into things that you’ll enjoy! In fact, later this week, I’m going PADDLE BOARDING for the first time with a friend! I’ll keep you posted!😉

  4. Find an Accountability Partner! It’s always good to have someone who’s got the same goals as you… Having someone who’s just as motivated as you to hold you accountable and cheer you on is key! But make sure there’s true ACCOUNTABILITY!

  5. Eat food that NOURISHES your body. We want healthy, thriving, successful lives, relationships and businesses, right?! Well that first starts with us being able to be energetic, healthy and thriving ourselves!  You are what you eat. So don’t be easy, cheap or fast. If you expect your body to give you ENERGY, you must consume food that generates energy. Try cutting back on PROCESSED foods, or foods high in SUGAR. (I know you wanna eat cake scraps and treats all day… But moderation is necessary if we want long term health. So cut back!)

  6. Water, water, and MORE WATER. It’s a natural cycle… We consume, utilize what we need, and then eliminate. But when you consume TOXINS (Coke, frappuccinos and other sugary drinks) your body HOLDS ON and stores the sugar, which turns into fat, and then doesn’t get much nourishment. *Did you know that at least 70% of your diet should consist of WATER-RICH-FOODS? This allows your body to CLEANSE ITSELF. BUT, a typical American diet consists of only about 15% water-rich-foods!!! This is HEALTH suicide! You should consume a minimum of ½ your bodyweight in ounces of water each day. Example: If I weigh 140 lbs, I should be drinking a minimum of 70 ounces of water. (I usually aim to drink my entire body weight in ounces. Yes that’s a lot of water, but it flushes me out and energizes me! Plus, I get the extra steps when I’m going to the bathroom every 30 mins!😆😊)

Friend, if HEALTH & FITNESS were a priority for you at the beginning of the year, consider using JLO as your ½ yearly reminder and inspiration to GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER and RE-COMMIT! After all, you still have another 5 months to make massive change! And it doesn’t even take FIVE MONTHS!…

REMEMBER, If you commit:

it takes-01.jpg

Then you can be like: “I’ve taken care of myself… And now, it shows.” JLo said this in an interview with Refinery 29. 

If you’re ready to commit, and you’re a BEGINNER, I’ve put a few simple home workouts together for you here: https://pin.it/lf3ke6eypyq47m

And, here are a few sites I found that share some of JLo’s exercise and diet tips:

Friend, if this convo was helpful, comment below or join in on the convo in CAKE CENTS and let me know what small commitments you can make TODAY to work on that JLO body, but more importantly, to work towards a healthier YOU!



Janelle Copeland