So what if you fail?

“You took a risk.

You created a hypothesis, guessed or estimated the effect of an idea.

You tested, you tried, you researched, you worked hard, you put yourself out there, you followed your passion, you were BRAVE!

It’s not about the accomplishment, or lack of... It’s about you TRYING and taking the first step!

That’s how you get recognition!

That’s how you create a gap between you and everyone else! Thats how you create amazing things! That’s how you solve problems for the world! That’s how you take the first few scary steps towards massive growth, discovery and success!!!

By trying and testing scary things that may or may not work!

You are absolutely amazing for that!”


This was the speech at the Los Angeles County Science and Engineering Fair last night, where my daughter Jordan and hundreds of other young, future scientist and engineers received recognition and awards for their achievements in discovery!

THIS is exactly what I teach about entrepreneurship and business!!! 🙌🏽

If hundreds of 6th-12th graders can be brave and audacious and test and try new scary things, that may or MAY NOT even work, then what are you so worried about????

Who freaken cares if you fail? Who freaken cares if your business doesn’t last 10 years!? 

What are you so worried about??
Why can’t you just TRY TO BE BRAVE???

Because WHAT IF it IS wildly successful!?!?😳🎉🎉🎉

What do you think???

❤️ Janelle

Janelle Copeland