Show how far you've come!

It's time. Show your clients and followers how far you’ve come!

Here's an example post: 
As I sit here and reflect on how far I’ve come with cake decorating (or baking, or sales, or making ___), I can’t help but to be super proud! 
I remember the very first cake I ever made... In all truthfulness, I had NO CLUE WHAT I WAS DOING!🙈🙈🙈 
I had no clue how much time a silly little cake would take to make!😳I had no clue that I had to factor in things like the weather and the temperature outside😳🙈... and I had no clue how many dang dishes I would have to do to just to clean up!!!🙈
Fast forward to TODAY!.. I've shown so much GROWTH as a cake artist!🤗I've learned new tricks to perfect my techniques, I've been able to purchase and play with new tools that help me do my job better, and most importantly I'M PROUD of myself!🤗
Every time you guys CHOOSE ME to make a cake for you, I am able to get better at my passion! Thank you for helping me grow! I’m super thankful for the opportunity you guys have given me to GROW and get better at something I’m passionate about!
I’m so excited to continue to grow with you guys this upcoming year!”

(Then maybe a side-by-side photo of a past cake and a new one, or some new tools, equipment, supplies, or YOU holding a cake, etc.) 
Hope that helps! Feel free to copy/paste and change the words around to make it more YOURS!

Janelle Copeland