My Fitness Journey

In Jan 2014 my "NY's Resolution" was to focus more on myself and the things that made me happy. Like working out, feeling good in my clothes (and OUT of my clothes too), having more energy, and getting to a place where I COULD be consistent and juggle everything (my business, my fitness goals, my family's health, kids, relationships, career, etc, etc.)

I struggled with prioritizing and managing my time around my fitness goals until around August 2014. (MOMMIES always come last!) But in August, I told myself that “I HAD to get my life together" and revise my plan! So I started waking up between 4:45-5AM every day to MAKE my workouts a priority. And I stuck with it.

YES, I know that waking up before dawn COMPLETELY SUCKS! BUT, when you want something that bad, and you are 100% committed to it, and when your original plan DOESN’T work, then you change the plan, suck it up, and do what’s necessary!

In November, after attending my cousin Vickie's bodybuilding show, (who BTW was 59 years old at the time!), she convinced ME to compete! Her exact words were “Just try, and see what happens.” 

Sounds simple enough, right? And what did I really have to lose?.. The worst that could happen would be that I would work my way towards the BEST BODY I'd ever had!!!.. Not a bad thing, right? So I was in!!!

So here's a progress pic, which was taken on 2/28/15 – Just FOUR months fully committed! It wasn’t for vanity, or a silly selfie… It was FAARRRR greater than that!

It was about Me BUSTING MY ASS and making TONS of sacrifices to get to a point where I saw a difference in my physique, and felt great, and felt like I was making HUGE PROGRESS towards my fitness goals! It was about me feeling great and being proud. And it was about ME working towards becoming the BEST ME I could be!

(I was 3 weeks out from my first competition.)

On March 21st, 2015 my husband and I competed in our first NPC Muscle Contest Show. And who would have thought, but I actually WON 1st PLACE in my category (Masters 35+)!!! I also competed against 18 year olds in the Open Bikini category and place 5th out of about 15 women!!! (WHAT!?!?)

And of course, Eddie won and placed in his categories too! #GoTeamCopeland

After all the emotions we experienced over those months leading up to the show, (stress, anxiety, nervousness, doubtfulness, uncertainty, name it), the ONE THING that made ALL OUR SACRIFICES WORTH IT:

NOT our bodies achieving great things (we both had never known to be possible!)… NOT the trophies or placing/winning… NOT the new friends, disciplines or habits we had created…

It was hearing our girls repeatedly say, "WE ARE SO PROUD OF YOU!" (Insert cry face, sobbing emojis here!!!) And seeing the excitement and pride on their faces from the stage as they cheered us on and clapped and screamed like crazy!.... Absolutely #PRICELESS!

THEY are the reason we strive to work so hard at everything we do! We ATTEMPT to be good role models every single day, but THAT DAY, at that show, on that stage, we made them proud.

It was validation and repayment for hard work and dedication pure JOY!

The lesson: Do something AUDACIOUS to make yourself proud. Something that makes you become a better version of yourself.

Because you never know who's watching.

Janelle Copeland