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Beyond The Basics: What Google WON'T tell you about running a baking business

A FREE 3-DAY LIVE business training for bakers, small business owners, and creative entrepreneurs who’re READY to learn the secrets to success so they can build a THRIVING business year after year.

Here's what you'll learn in this value-packed 3 Day LIVE training:

  • The TRUTH about the baking industry and what NO ONE wants you to know
  • How you may be SABOTAGING your own success
  • The 3 secret strategies that will DOUBLE your sales & productivity
  •  How to PRICE your products for maximum profit with CONFIDENCE
  • How to BUILD your business the “right way”
  • Skills for lasting success in business (and life)
  • The Significance of CAPACITY and what it means for YOU (and your business!)
  • The skills you NEED to be a successful, thriving business owner. 

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Here’s a sneak peek into the Business Secrets that we’ll cover during this FREE TRAINING that TRANSFORMED my business

(and I promise will TRANSFORM yours too!)

What the Baking Industry DOESN'T want you to know!

And what you may be doing WRONG that's sabotaging the success of your business. I'm unveiling the TRUTH about running a baking business you may not know. 

Pricing Your Products: Girl Math vs. REAL Math

We're creative NOT mathematicians! But after this, you'll feel CONFIDENT to raise your prices, demand top dollar, and understand whether or not you're running a non-profit organization. 

The 3 Secret Strategies that will DOUBLE your Sales + Productivity

Sales are the LIFELINE of your business. And if you don't know how to close sales, then your business may be on life support. Learn the secret strategies that I used for over a DECADE that resulted in millions. 

Hey! I'm Janelle Copeland!

I’m an artist, educator, entrepreneur, and founder of the award-winning bakery, The Cake Mamas (that landed me on FoodNetwork not once, not twice, but FOUR times!).

When I started my baking business, I didn’t know sh*t about being a business owner. I had ZERO experience, had just filed for bankruptcy, had NO MONEY, and, had to learn EVERYTHING the hard way. And I made TONS of expensive mistakes along the way.  I didn’t have anyone or anything telling me what I should do or how I should do it. I had to figure it out all by myself. And maybe you’re in this same situation too! 

But after YEARS of experience, a sh*t ton of trial & error, and 12+ years of running my own SUCCESSFUL brick-and-mortar bakery, plus working with THOUSANDS of business owners (like you), I’ve learned that the ONLY way to guarantee business success is by perfecting the basics (and building off them!) 

So whether you’re a newbie in business doing this for the first time or have been in the game for YEARS hoping to get UNSTUCK, do something different, and GROW - I’m here to HAND you the tools, secrets, and strategies you need to create the RIGHT foundation for your dream business. 

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"Just want to say thank you for taking time to encourage us and challenge us with these tips! I have looked forward to each day and made sure to tune in no matter what I had to do (phone sat in an egg crate while I decorated cookies during today’s video ) thank you!"

Ashley Rapp

"This was great information. Especially about the storytelling, hashtags, and analytics. Definitely need to take a look at my social media pages and make some changes. "

Katrina Williams Peaks

"I'm here for this! LOVE THIS! Thank y'all so much! "

Tay Elizabeth

"Just used these skills on a local community page reply to a general cake inquiry. Felt soooooo amazing to have direction! "

Kim Gadd

"This is as real as it can get. Thank you for this particular session. A lot of us including me go through the ups and downs with this stuff. It's spot on! "

Dollys Sweet Sensations

"This is amazing! So glad I am a part of it. "

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Start, Grow, and Build a successful baking business that gives you the freedom and income to live a life you love.

I’m taking the confusion (and the cost) away, so you can grow the baking business of your dreams without making the same mistakes I did. If you can do one thing to improve the trajectory of your business, learn these secret success tips with three days of live training with me.


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